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How to Feel Psychic Energy

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  • How to Feel Psychic Energy

    For as long as I can recall, I have been able to see and even feel psychic energy. Some call if telekinesis and it can be easily felt in the hands. usually its felt in the fingertips or wrist area. The best way I have learned to feel it is be simply letting it happen naturally! It usually happens unconsciously by the subconscious mind and the energy is felt all of a sudden while the person is working with it.

    Sometimes it is possible to feel it whenever you want to by just picking up a gemstone or holding your hand slightly above it for a few minutes. In any case, I am certain that I cal feel it as a small electric pulse like sensation entering into my fingertips. My concern has always been how I can use this telekinetic energy. So I began researching into the subject of psychokinesis (PK). That's when I learned a lot from This Is PK manuscript, and it even helped me to feel the energy more easily. It taught me how to use and control it which is the most important thing to benefit human life. Feeling the mind energy is only for fun. Our concern ought to be how telekinetic powers and cosmic energy can be used more productively and especially in terms of manifestation.

    Have Fun!
    Bhakta David
    Subconscious Mind Power and Telekinesis Manifestation

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    telekinetic power of clairsentient

    I thought telekinesis is the ability to move object by the psychic power, where is the context?