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  • Hypnosis and healing

    What is your opinion on the use of hypnosis as a means of healing? Do you have experience with hypnosis for healing? How did hypnosis work for you? I am studying self-hypnosis to treat various problems of mine on an emotional, cognitive, and physical level.

    Hypnosis has been proven to work for treating skin, digestive, and pain problems through scientific studies. I believe it can be used for many more problems, physical and mental. Hypnosis probably works for problems of mood as well, such as depression and anxiety. Hypnosis works best, in my opinion, with a receptive mind which has a good imagination and ability to focus. You shouldn't use hypnosis to ignore problematic conditions or pain.

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    I'm also very interested in the power of hypnotism so would be intriguing to find out people's experiences.

    I think there is considerable power there but that does mean that you have to really trust the hypnotist, and also not take it lightly.

    I know this isn't what you are talking about but I saw a documentary years ago about people who were badly affected by bad stage hypnosis. One lady was abused as a child at the age of 7 but had totally blocked it out, until the hynotist regressed her to being 7 again.

    After she came round she changed totally as a person, becoming really depressed and ignoring her children, and it took a long time for her to recover.

    Another man who drove a truck for a living was hypnotised to see a fairy and then it getting stamped on by the hypnotist of all things. The poor guy must have been distressed and it triggered epilepsy so he could not longer work as a driver any more.


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      I was a register hypnotist for many years and seen amazing things happen. Then I studied NLP that done even more it helps you understand how the brain does what it does. They have many technics for most problem even allergies.
      NLP [neurolnguistic programming]