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  • Pilates

    Pilates is a new and innovative type of body conditioning method or exercise that helps us build strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance without adding much muscle bulk to our body.
    The Pilates includes more than 500 exercises. This is a very good method of controlled movements that helps to improve the strength and flexibility of the body. It also helps to improve our bad habits of sitting posture.

    Spiritual Health
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    I agree. Pilates is a wonderful way to exercise. I've tried it a few times and I swear that it helped me physically. However, at first I really find it difficult to execute many of the exercises. I plan to continue engaging in it.


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      Correct, in addition to that Try your hardest to clear your mind of everything inclusive of work, family, and other concerns even the surrounding itself. Try your best to not be distracted by what you feel hear or see. This is one of the reasons why it is important to meditate in a comfortable place. Your environment can heavily influence your ability to concentrate. You donít want to be distracted of the heat or an uncomfortable cushion and etc. that's the secret.