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  • Depression

    Hi, i'm new to this forum.
    Is there any method of energy healing that can help with depression? Thank you!!

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    I hear reiki can be great for depression.


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      I second that


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        EFT might help


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          Originally posted by Ann View Post
          Hi, i'm new to this forum.
          Is there any method of energy healing that can help with depression? Thank you!!

          Please, before doing anything for depression, and covering over, a serious situation, reevaluate the whole matter.

          Are you now using any medication?
          Married or single?
          Job no job?
          Age ?
          Suicidal thoughts ?

          Give a look at one of my blog posts on this subject:

          Come back here then, and lets see where it winds up.

          Get Well - Be Well


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            For me, getting my thyroid FINALLY supported after 10 long miserable years of getting that "you are fine" mantra, I got on Armour thyroid, no labs nadda, my osteopath knew and called in a script...the depression lifted in 4 days....after 10 miserable years and pharma drugs...

            Then in 2006, found how deficient Vit D was so have worked on that ever since....

            These are my solutions for depression. I deal with chronic pain from OA bodywide...but not clinically depressed......C


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              Depression is the mental state where you feel low all the time and have no zeal to do things. Healthy eating habit is the key of your good health. Have all the nuts, protein rich food and refrain from consuming too much oily and junk food like burger, noodles, and cola drinks. Include cereals, green pulses, and fibers in your diet list. Bring a limit in consuming excess sugar plus salt.


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                I actually like the EFT method. I like the idea of removing negative energy and memories through a simple tap. Well... not really simple, but you know what I mean.


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                  Also look up Donna Eden and Energy Medicine. V simple physical exercises which repeated regularly change your mental outlook.


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                    Why don't you try to go first to a professional to seek help? I am sure they can give you a right treatment to your condition.