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I know I am a healer, but I am not sure how to use it.

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  • I know I am a healer, but I am not sure how to use it.

    Hello. For almost a year now I have been working with this girl who gives people readings. She communicates with spirit guides and is involved with numerology and such. (I'm not sure of all the names for these so I apologize if I am not using the correct terms). Over the past few months she has been telling me things about myself, just little things. Well now I have finally had a full reading and she told me the same thing I have been told by many people my whole life; I am a healer. So, I have this information and I guess I have always known this but I am not sure what to do with it now. She told me it would be good for me to start healing people and I already do it everyday...

    So this is my question: where do I start? I am only 18 but i would love to heal more people, change lives, and do what I can. What are some careers where I can heal people? Do I need to go to college? She told me school is not good for me, but I am not sure of any careers where I can heal people without going to school. Please help any advice would be lovely.

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    Hi Sienabean, It is good to hear your question and I wish more people would ask for guidance with healing abilities, as it is so common and so important. We all have innate abilities, but many either fear them or use them without really knowing what damage they can do to themselves and others. Often, those of us who have great sensitivity have this because of trauma in the past when we needed to have it. We are all so different, which makes for exciting work! Anyway, to answer your question... I would recommend that you do some energy training. Specifically, I would recommend my own training that I facilitate in Bristol. I have 2 courses running next year in Energy Therapy for Trauma, 1 and 2. Karl Dawsons' Matrix Re-imprinting is also very good. It is a very hands on training, like mine. You would need to do the EFT training before it. My courses are a lot less expensive. Also, the spiritualist church can be really good. There's one in most towns and you can attend the psychic training they do every week, usually on an evening, rather than attending any of the church services. That would be free training and if you like the group that you are learning with, you might find it really useful. I'm happy to answer any more questions. With my best wishes, Lou