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Sucessful Healing Energy Device for everyone

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  • Sucessful Healing Energy Device for everyone

    "Within minutes of applying the Tesla Coils over his frozen shoulder, he (husband) could immediately lift it. And then his thumbs....Are now totally flexible too. It has already helped my back pain in the few minutes I've had it." Carolyn H

    "Been a few days for me and in, feel no pain from old weight lifting injuries. I feel lots of energy. Sleeping well. Thanks!" - Mike M.

    Some call it "Plasma" and others say it's Ormus, Zero Point Energy, all the same. It is in sunlight, large bodies of water...

    10 years of testing... take a look at the plant that grew 5 times bigger in 30 days of identical cuttings, and that was 10 years ago... the first time I knew I had it. See photo and what my friends are saying here: You can get one on that website.

    I have an energy device that really works. I am an artist, not a company. I cannot make large quantities. I have combined the Egyptian Ankh with Tesla coils. It takes 2 weeks to get it working.

    All my friends are telling me it helps pain in minutes, and they are not tired at the end of the day.
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    ankh J.jpg Final version after 10 years of testing.


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      Interesting. I would love to read more about how it works and the concept behind it.