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Energy running on its own/sensations intensifying

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  • Energy running on its own/sensations intensifying

    Hello all,

    Thank you for allowing me to be part of the community.

    After being interested in energy manipulation for a long time, I finally took a Quantum touch Level 1 workshop. I was able to apply the techniques very quickly and gradually increase the amount of energy moving towards my hands. This was about two weeks ago. Now I have the following things which i would like to have some advice on:

    - in my body its associated with a feeling of heat. I now often have an intense burning at the bottom of my feet. There is a small circle where this sensation is concentrated. I also have this in the palm of my hands, but less intense compared to my feet.
    - as I practice controlling the energy in my body, the sensation is become more intense and is spreading to parts where I did not have it before. since the past three days I've been having it in my stomach and chest area too and this morning I could feel it in the back of my neck as well
    - its happening on its own. When thinking about energy or reading on it, i can feel the sensations, and tingles in my palm (hot air escaping form my palms when driving). The last few days I have woken up, filled with this sensation, so apparently I have been dreaming about energy. I don't know if i should be concerned about this. Can it damage my health?

    I don't mind the sensation, even if it is'nt the most pleasant one. What I do want to know if there are ways to control it better and to not have my subconscious run energy whenever it wants to.
    Also I would love to know how to know if it can hurt me and how to increase the amount of energy in the moments when I consciously want to run the energy?