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    Hi, my name is Wil Helm. I'm a Master Shaman and Light Worker. I perform a process called the Energy Transfer Reset (ETR). This is brand new healing modality for the age of Aquarius brought to Earth by the Arcturian Council. During the process I serve as a conduit for all of the clients negative imprints (karma, blocks, trauma etc) from all parallel timelines and lifetimes to pass through and be transmuted into light. The removal of all low frequency energy restores the soul back to its original state. Allowing the physical and energy bodies to start rapidly healing themselves. This heals ALL physical and mental illness, except the removal of metal from the body and regrowth of body parts. This is the most advanced and powerful healing technique currently available as it's from 5D and above. I'm able to handle the massive amount of dark energies because of the many 9D to 13D parallel lives I am currently living on other planets. Besides the amazing healing potential, the removal of all blocks rapidly accelerates spiritual growth. Opening the client up to fluidly connect with the spirit world and starts the process of becoming a Shaman oneself.