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How I reverse nine chronic life or body part threaening diseases with my mind

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  • How I reverse nine chronic life or body part threaening diseases with my mind

    Ok here we go. I have tried different using the mnd to heal methods that I can possibly conceive of or concoct from channelled material or what not for more hours Im sure than any man who ever lived, , and this is what Ive come up with. The only thing that works satisfactorily, inspired by the channelled Bashar and another channelled entity called Sharee who both stated that the way to heal was to GET THE CONSCIOUS MIND OUT OF THE WAY and thereby let the inner , so called by some, "higher' consciousness part of you take the wheel and heal the problem. So I had a what I believe was listeria infection from eating eight gnarly cantaloupes in a couple of days bought from the back of a truck , and that bug can hide from the immune system and take you out. It was slowly getting the best of me whereas I had no problem with all other infections I have gotten over the last decade with my "fetal cure" method,. Listeria is deadly because it is notorious for hiding from the immune system. Until I finally in deperation made the irreversible decision, and said "I will not try anything else to cure this infection, no Doctors, no hospitals, no antibiotics, no other conscious creation methods, nothing, and instead I will just trust my (inner consciousness) to heal the problem ." In five minutes the infection which was in my stomach and brain, as listeria does, was half gone, and in a day almost completely gone, taking a couple of more days to cure. What I said for most of them was simply that "I will no longer do anything about my (blank) problem except to turn the problem over to my (inner consciousness) to solve the problem. "

    I reversed eight other medical problems that way, too little circulation in my hands and feet from a Mexican pharmaceutical, not approved in the US, in two seconds, enlarged prostate, joint spaces too close in my sacro leading to beginning arthritis , both in one day, blurred vision repeatedly from coughing which can tear and problably did the retina and lead to detachment, some brain damage that was causing vertigo, it made a growth on my arm that had been steadily growing for six months and had about ten small mounds on it, evidently benign and thus not fully perceived by the immune system as something to be attacked, fall off clean in five days, beginning shrinking on the third, and two others, I will try to remember what they were.

    I failed to cure about five other things with this method, like a pinched nerve in my arm , some non chronic acute things etc but each one was not serious in that they couldnt lead to loss of life or body parts or cause other progressive problems like the nine that my inner self did come to my rescue on, so it has to be serious enough to get the inner consciousness inspired, at least in my case , which it does only when after the conscious part of me says, so to speak, Im resigning, so inner self, its up to you or Im going to have no feet or no life or no eye or be in bed with vertigo or back arthritis for the rest of my life, I also tried to reverse the aging process with this but I guess that one didnt work either, ha ha rather predictably. Our inner self is cool with us aging. Its our destiny.

    In most of these cases of success it did NOT CURE the problem, rather it reversed the problem to a level where it was no longer really a problem. And froze it thare so it never got any worse that this noticeable but no problem stage, even six years later for the circulation one. OF course the listeria was cured.

    Maybe some out there who has arthritis in their knee and doesnt want to have an operation can try this. I would think that using an aspirin etc for the pain would not break the vow, but knee replacement or other CC technique would. My fteal cure method I posted about in another section on home remedies also does not betray my vow to my inner self, it does not bow out because I use that technique for other things.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, one of the two successes I forgot was to reverse chronic damage from my stomach from lemon which made eating acid fruits impossible without further damage. Reversed that damage and froze it in a barely noticeable if at all state even when eating an acid fruit. THen one day I forgot and needed something to test out a new healing conscious creation method. I wanted to test, and did it vis a vis my stomach to cure the last minor percent of damage. As soon as I did all the healed damage to my stomach returned full force and me trying to restore the healing has completely failed, so you get one shot at this and if you double cross, so to speak, your inner self, it bows out for good. So dont forget that.

    And just because it worked in me does not mean it will work in you. Maybe the inner selfs proclivities differ in different people. PLease let us know if you try it and perform one of these miracles. Thanks

    Steve Lord
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    I edited the above for clarity, was in a hurry. I wish we could edit the title, ha ha. It should read "How I reversed nine threatening chronic medkcal problems using the mind , conscious creation,

    Note again , it was the inner selfs goal not to cure most of these completely but to make sure they did not cause me any more significant problems witih them.

    Steve Lord


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      Updating this method which continues to bail me out of some new life threatening problems

      I wrote this cure in the context of telling it to my brother with Parkinsons. He knows Im not a Doctor and takes everything to his Doctor before trying it.

      "Roger I have cured or permanently partially reversed about 12 or 13 serious, chronic , progressive , totally resistant to reversal illnesses or injuries with the following method , see below and one progressive acute case of food poisoning being the only non chronic non serious one Its as simple as giving up doing anything about the illness and instead turning the healing of it over to my inner more powerful self or consciousness. I believe that we have an inner or subconscious self which is all powerful, from that information being discussed by many channelled entities, foremost being Elias at and and in the book of some of his quotes, "The Shift" I have no affiliation with any of it.
      With some of these diseases, I was on my way to death or loss of body part without treatment and maybe even with it, since Listeria and staph both have defenses against the immunity or hide from it. ... Listeria infection I couldnt control, staph infection impossible to control with anything, skin and throat, benign tumor blocking my throat almost totally and growing fast, progressively enlarging prostate, increasing mercury poisoning, probably torn retina, progressive loss of circulation in hands and feet-a side effect from a Mexican pharmaceutical, getting steadily worse with age until it started causing infection, progressive arthritis in sacro part of the back , chronic rosacea, , an injured stomach chronically from drinking lemon juice and taking caffeine pills, a tumor on my arm that had grown progressively for six months, pinched nerve arm (the pinched nerve being chronic and leading to arm atrophy. and others. . All of these reversed in from 2 seconds in some cases or to me noticing reversal or cessation within the same day, except the tumor one arm that took 3 days to begin to change color and reduce, none of them ever getting any worse again even years later even with further aging, as if the aging process is frozen in that site, some cured, some partly, some only slightly, reversed, the one taking the longest to get the full effect was the listeria and the arm tumor five days to cure them the listeria was half cured in five minutes after 3 weeks of hell before I did this method.
      But to get this method to work, it is necessary to at least temporarily intend to give up any other method of healing or treating the illness or injury. If you exercise to treat it, then if you continue to exercise it would have to be for another reason, , that you would be exercising even if you didnt have Parkinsons. Forego your daily pill for the time being, to see what happens by the next day but dont think to yourself you are only going to try it for a day, keep it open ended, and if it doesnt work then you can start treating again.
      Then say the following exact words.

      "I will hereby for the time being cease doing anything to cure or treat my (problem or disease) except to turn the problem over to my inner consciousness to cure"

      I have enormous experience doing these verbal intend messages to my inner self and at least in my case it can negate the intention if I allow too much of a pause between words or if I get one word wrong that changes the meaning but it works just as well and is foolproof for me to rather than say those words, write out the exact words, then draw a line around the sentence, then pull my finger across the words to show my intent that I mean the whole sentence and at the same time say "This.", meaning the words in the sentence. Dont say anything even in your mind for five seconds before and after doing that or they may merge with your sentence. That gets it done for me. I have a lot of innate ability in achieving via sending messages like this to my inner consciousness, so I cannot say this will work for another person, but if it can be done safely, I see no reason not to try it for the time being and see what happens knowing the longest I ever saw it take to begin some noticeable healing action was for the tumor on my skin, three days, the rest I saw the permanent reversal within the same day. . At first it worked only for major chronic progressive problems but now it is working so far for even acute minor problems.
      PS I started doing this method successfully and then it was confirmed independently by two channeled entities. Sharee, and Bashar.
      Bashar said the way to achieve healing by the higher (inner) self was to intend the healing and then get the conscious mind out of the way, meaning doing nothing more about it. I will try to get a copy of it.
      SHaree stated:"Sharee: I will tell you the most important thing about the subjective;(edit, your higher self), It ALWAYS responds, and it responds immediately (edit, to your request)
      The problem is that when you try to control or influence it with your thoughts, you almost immediately disrupt your own request, because that is forcing energy which quickly changes your energy from choosing something into not choosing something.
      Your difficulties with creating what you want has NOTHING to do with whether you are able enough to create, whether your intent is the right one or any other EXTERNAL reason.
      They are due to misinterpreting your function as essence focused into a conscious and objective human being. The role of your conscious and objective aspect, that which you percieve as the "real" you, has one major function: Directing. You choose your own experience. That is your purpose as a physical being; to choose, direct and experience.
      Your role is NOT to control or manage the energy that is required in order to manifest a certain outcome. Your subjective takes care of that aspect, but it must be allowed a process in which your energy is matching that which you want to choose. That process requires zero physical effort or concentration.
      Indeed, the energy that you percieve you should spend concentrating, would be much more effectively spent not concentrating; not managing, but merely acknowledging that you already know what you want and allowing the process of creation to run its course. This subjective process is extremely effective but entirely dependant upon you and your objective energy.
      Technically speaking, the actual manifested outcome is but a fraction of the entire creation. The process incorporates much more importance and energy. You generally assign that importance to the end result, which is why you struggle and become disappointed; If you are not seeing your result, you imagine you must not be creating it! You are actually likely doing that, but you are not allowing the process to complete itself.
      When you're forcing energy or trying to control, you are discounting your own abilities, disrupting the process and changing your energy into something that does not match your initial desire, which may either prolong the time period for you to create something or not create it at all.
      Additionally, do not fall into the trap of trying to control or force allowing in order to get faster results, since that very likely will be counter-effective to what you want.
      You might interpret this as doing nothing. You might have to practice this "doing nothing", and it may be initially difficult as you are not used to it. "
      Steve again: I avoid paying attention to the problem during the healing process, but especially, like I said above t I dont do ANYTHING ELSE to cure the problem. I did once and lost all the gain of healing my stomach in a heartbeat. Its possible my phrase that "For the time being" will all later some attempt to heal further someone one has success with with another method , but know you will lose all you gained and may never be able to restore it, although now if I use that phrase, I can try other methods later on and that loses the gain but I can restore the gain again at will by using the above same method. BUt maybe thats just me.

      Steve Lord