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What I do to get rid of nearly all negative skin-conditions...

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  • What I do to get rid of nearly all negative skin-conditions...

    I have found that simply eating a lot of high-water-content fruits does the trick to get rid of rashes/dryness/etc. We're talking about fruits like Water-Melons, Grapes, Oranges, etc., although this may not be something that can be done by diabetics (although I have my own suspicions of much of America's food-supply & its food-propaganda being a major-contributing factor to much of America's health-problems including cancer & diabetes). The skin also ends up becoming very smooth & supple.

    The consumption-amount that I'm talking about though is over 50% of all food and/or beverage-consumption (and stick with just drinking pure water of course). Just be fore-warned that this kind of nutrient-consumption will also result in many trips to the urinals due to the amount of liquid that you're putting into your body (but I assure you that it's worth the benefits of its health-effects). Not only that, this consumption-method is also a part of some other methods that I have found which seems to be able to help with restoring libido for people with erectile-dysfunction, too (without the need/use of drugs of course as my methods/techniques are entirely & completely all-natural).

    I will make a topic on the E-D stuff another day with more detail (and yes this is all from personal-experience so no my knowledge of this is not merely book-learned from from actual real-world personal-experience & personal field-testing).