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How to cure any cold in one hour.

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  • How to cure any cold in one hour.

    Hi, Using this or several other similarly acting methods, about 12 people have cured colds, no matter how bad, in less than 2 hours. The last two that tried it were neighbors who were so skeptical, one whom absolutely refused at first. Each had been to the doctor for their colds they were so bad. Both said with some amazement that their colds were completely gone in one hour.

    I have two advantages over my fellow man in learning how best to cure a cold. I get more of them, always beginning as a sore throat, than anyone alive or dead. ha ha, Literally. And two, I have a factor in my blood, partially characterized at two major biotech firms, Genentech and Chiron, and at the VA Hospital, also studied in Judah Folkmans lab at Harvard and other Universities, and one feature of this unique factor which hasnt been seen in a person before so they tell me, is that I can tell when my immunity is being stimulated by anything because it causes my muscles to contract when my immunity is being stimulated by anything, , contracting to the same degree as the degree of immune stimulation. SO for 25 yers I have known at every moment of my life if something was stimulating my immunity and by how much, what blocks it from being stimulated, and by how much and what doesnt do so and what does so at first and then conks out. In probably all other people , one cannot tell in each moment if his immunity is being stimulated or by how much

    So using this as a way of knowing, I know that my immunity is enormously stimulated , never conking out no matter how long i do so, by holding my hand in the same position the fetus does most often in the womb. That is , placing the hand up next to or just to the right of , but not touching, the chin, like one would hold it when holding a microphone Or near the clavicle is ok too. One hand is ok, dont need both. Nothing held in the hand, and try to hold it as still as possible. Hold the hand any way you like, .

    WHen this evolved over millions of years in the fetus, manmade things didnt exist, lik eelectronics etc, and I have found that being too close to some kinds of electronics due to their radiation will block the immune stimulating effect completely but rather than go into that at this time, just go outside, its simmer now, sit in your car or a park or something like that. and hold that position. Make sure the car isnt on because some have electronic computer chips that when on will block, as will some car radios. The electricity wires along the street if they are super close will also block your immune system from being stimulated so find a place where none are within thirty feet at least. Farther would be better. The one to the house is ok though, it doesnt carry much electricity. Take your watch and rings too off if you can, they reduce the level of stimulation.. Put your cell phons at least a yard away from you. Dont be wearing those music earphones etc. IF you smoke its probably not going to work , the immune system wont be stimulated nearly as much I found. ALso immune suppressing drugs reduce the effect like the oxycodone type opiate pain killers, as do poppy seeds, and the antianxiety meds and muscle relaxants. Being cold suppreses the immunity so make sure that you are arent cold at all. Note that we evolved near the equator. Try to avoid wearing anything nylon too, Also take your watch and rings off if possible, they reduce the effect.

    Dont give up if it doesnt get any better in a half hour because you may not get better if the virus is still replicating, but once it stops doing so, very quickly all symptoms disappear,and that usually takes an hour , the sore throat usually less, and also sometimes it takes longer than an hour for the nasal symptoms to disappear because I read that the immune system is still attacking even a dead virus, causing those nasal fluid symptoms. .

    THis works because a trigger for a gene for healing and better functioning of all aspects of the body evolved in the fetus by his assuming that or similar positions with the hands/arms over millions of years, to help him thrive. SO we get the same assistance when we hold our hand similarly Note when you lay an infant on his back, he will instinctively put his hands up by his shoulders, OBviously anything that can regularly cure a cold in an hour would have to be stimulating the immune system to a much much cgreater degree without conking out than anything that has gone before , and this works just as fast in influenxa virus, food poisoning, bronchitis, etc,and has performed other miracles in so many other medical problems in my experience. Bone rebulding, allergyies, depression, on and on.

    IF you live in a house and can turn off all the radiation within twenty feet of you , the flat screened tv and the computer equipment being the ones that block at the greatest distance , up to about 17 feet for the flat screen tv , and you have no adjoining neighbor who may have his flat screened tv on within twenty feet of you, you can do it at home, and can even lie in bed and do it, Curl your fingers so your whole palm doesnt rest on your chest only the heal and the back of the fingers do, and rest your loose fist on your upper chest.

    So try that if youre not too skeptical, which Im sure you will be because it seems too simple and too good to be true. But i am reporting this accurately. We just never knew it because as I said no one knew at any given moment if or by how much their immune system was being stimulated.

    PS reminder to take your rings and watch off when doing this.

    Steve Lord
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    Hmmm interesting remedy. Not much of a skeptic so hey it's probably worth a try next time I get a cold. Thanks Steve.


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      Dragon it will work for any infection, and to accellerate the healing of any injurry and even heal old injuries farther than they healed naturally., even improved my old brain damage, and my injured vocal chords ten years later. Along witih some lifestyle changes it eliminates my autoimmune disease symptoms, ,it regrew my mothers bone which had resorbed away from a hip implant, It also works with the same degree of results on asthma, bronchitis, allergies, depression, fatigue, ,IT appears to improve the function of every part of the body, which is what it evolved to do in the fetus. The eastern people call it chi, which is just a word for beneficial stimulation of all aspects of the body. Try it for anything under the conditions i listed, and see if you want.

      Steve Lord


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        Here are some examples of people using this method: Remember it will not work if you are too near some types of radiation

        1) A woman from Alaska tried this and this is the message she sent me about it.

        Hi! I was suffering from a severe sore throat and chest cold thing that was well into its second week and still going strong when I tried your suggestion.I had not had any sickness in about five years.

        I immediately- with no winding down or slow reduction of the glaring symptoms- was relieved just boom-GONE! Not a sputter or putter thereafter, and no more 103 fever, I just assumed the position, and in less than 10 minutes-I was completely symptom free.Stunning!
        Thank you very much!"

        2) "...................I gave my friend the instructions,although he claimed to have some doubt as to the likelihood that it could work for him-he's 6'4 and 260lbs- he followed them to a tee, and, not surprisingly, he no longer has the deep chest cold and nasty flu-like symptoms-including vomiting, that for several days he was experiencing. He was quite shocked. He said that in about an hour, the congestion and waves of cramping in his gut stopped-cold. He now has no doubt that this works."

        3) "Steve, you know how you always stipulate that the ‘fetal cure’ won’t work for smokers. Therefore, I never tried it. But I did read the report below and the one you sent along a day or two earlier and I remembered that you recommend the technique for depression as well. So I thot if it works for depression, then why not angst? No harm in trying it whether I smoke or not. So I did it for something close to ten minutes yesterday.

        I had already gone through one of those angst bouts earlier and had turned the corner on it which made it difficult to know if subsequent improvement was attributable to the technique or not. Whatever the case, feelings of tension and stress lifted further and results improved dramatically for a time although the stress did return later in the day. But this improvement wasn’t the real story.

        I have a sinus condition, something I have had off and on for many yrs and very persistently for the last four or five. I have tried antibiotics from time to time and they do lessen it but it always comes back. It’s just something I have learned to live with and don’t think about most times. When I decided to do the exercise, I wasn’t even thinking about the condition and didn’t until I noticed that my sinuses were draining. This started to occur within minutes of doing the exercise. Didn’t pay it any attention at first but when my nose started to ‘run’ and the sinus passages actually cleared I couldn’t deny the change any longer. So far, there has been no reversal of the improvement and when I woke up this morning I was still totally clear. I have since experienced more drainage but it is much lighter and sinus passages remain unblocked. This is remarkable." and the same person says:

        "I cant say yet for sure if it reduces anxiety any better than other techniques such as deep breathing. I think it does but more experimentation is reqd. No question about the sinus condition though. While the symptoms did return slightly yesterday, they were greatly reduced and further practice with the position last night had the same positive effect as the first time. I woke up this morning with clear sinuses."

        4) " Also, about being near electronic devices, that is very true. My body is very sensitive to such things, and many other things many people are not aware of the effects these have on their bodies, and i can usually tell right away what the problem is."

        Steve Lord


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          This is actually the first time that I heard about it Steve. It's pretty interesting. You should have a website so you can spread this thing to others. What can be the pros and cons for this?


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            Intriguing, I smoke so can't try it but would be keen to hear others' experiences of this if you try it etc


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              Curing colds quickly is great. I'll try to remember what you've said here. I used to get maybe four to six colds or flu per year. But in the last eight years or so, I've only had maybe five or so. What made the difference was my attunement to Reiki. An attunement is different from getting a Reiki session, which you may know - but I'll explain my experience.

              I had already been into meditation, dream work, and other self-development/exploration work. But, at the same time I had continued to deal with the aftermath of problems in my childhood and adolescence, which semed to be an outgrowth of a tension-filled family and school life, etc. These things in early life induced me to put up emotional walls to defend myself. I knew I needed to get out of my emotional junk.

              Seemingly unrelated, I got a physical injury, and while layed up with it I decided to take Reiki classes, as it might speed the healing. After a pretty brief introduction to Reiki theory and history, I got attuned to Reiki (the attunement is an empowerment or intitation process). The results, for me, were completely unexpected.

              The attunement itself immediately acted to clear away a huge amount of those emotional traces that had remained with me since childhood - a muddy, faint background of sadness, frustration, and fear. After my attunement, both the inner pain/fear and the walls I'd made just dissolved. My overall mood improved and I felt a lot more confident.

              I got into the habit of doing a simple self-healing procedure each day. I noticed some physical health benefits, including the very much increased resistance to colds & flu that I mentioned, and which has remained.

              Also, my sense of intimacy with nature (birds, dogs, horses) markedly increased - and, also, about twice as many people as before acted like they really liked me. And among other odd things, my "sending" telepathy increased.


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                I have posted this or similar methods which evolved in humans over millions of years of our history, , all of which have greater healing effects on most ailments of mankind than any method or drug in human history, miracle effects which would turn medicine upside down, put the majoritiy of physicians and drug companies out of business, depression, virus and bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases, bronchitis, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, healing of injuries, even injuries that had stopped healing years earlier, bone growth which was otherwise not happening, etc, any disease or injury which could be helped or cured by improved functioning of the healing systems etc, for ten years, thousands of posts to scores of websites read by tens of thousands of people , and in all that time I can probably count on one hand the number of people who posted they tried this or any method which I posted about which works just as well, THe only people I can get to try it are people I know or meet in person and I really have to work at it to get any of them to try it either they are so skeptical.

                IF anyone here tried this please let me know, but it is quite frustrating to me to continue posting this information over and over and over on websites and the resistance is so surreal to anyone even trying it that it just languishes when it could be of such use to mankind. It is so easy to do this, it can be done instantly, with no side effects, for free, that it almost makes me wonder if there is something in each humans consciousness which does not want to ride us of so many maladies , as if they serve one of the functions which this dimension we live in was created for which would include the experience of disease and injuries , or possible would reduce the communicative method the subconcious has to communicate with our conscious mind, as has been proposed by one channeled "spirit" , Elias at

                Anyone want to take a crack at what this resistance is all about? Thanks.

                STeve Lorod


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                  Wait, let me guess, no one here tried this method, is that correct? Can someone tell me why if they were sick as some of you omust have been in the year and a half since I posted this, they didnt try this?

                  Thanks, Steve Lord


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                    Woodruff posts "Sorry, but you can't cure a cold. A cold is caused by a virus and it has to run it's course"

                    Thanks for the info Woodruff. I shall try to contact those people who told me that they cured their colds in an hour or two with this immune stimulating method that they were very mistaken and still had their colds for another week without them knowing it.

                    Steve Lord
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                      Woodruff please excuse my impertinent post to you yesterday. I get frustrated. BUt convincing another human of something they have not experienced or have not heard of is a very daunting task. You Woodruff like most humans, believe only what they have experienced or believe is possible and so you say it is noit possible to cure a cold ,it must run its course, much less cure it in one or two hours. BUt when people say things like that , they may not be aware of certain things that another may be aware of or has experienced so it is good to always keep an open mind and to test someting yourself if its not costly or dangerous, before proclaiming it to be untrue. Amazing Randi is going to have to eat a lot of words in the end when the fact of paranormal ability finally becomes known to all households

                      Steve Lord


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                        I have tried it for about 20 minutes. I just held my right hand near the right side of my chin, not touching the chin or the chest. I sat on a sofa without anything electronic nearby. I put toilet paper as an bonus in my right ear. Was that the correct way to do it? Because I have doubts about if I understood it correctly. I would like to be silent about whether it helped or not. My symptoms are so subjective and change often that I am unable to draw solid conclusions yet. I no way am I saying that it didn't help, that it did nothing or that it was harmful. I am not comfortable with writing on forums, so you shouldn't expect me posting any time soon. I just need to know how to do it correctly with absolute certainty. Thank you for caring Steve.


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                          Steve, I've been fortunate to be well since I posted on this thread. But I do thank you for posting it.

                          One thought of mine that could be relevant to your effort to make the method known is this: for millenia, people used to learn things not by reading books, magazine articles, or web forums but through demonstration. Father to son, mother to daughter, friend to friend... even shaman to layman. We've now entered an audio-visual age and a lot of teaching (i.e., deomonstration) is happening by video - on TV and on web, such as Youtube.

                          I realize your're saying that even telling people in person about your method has been frustrating (though less so) for you. But I believe through Youtube you might be able to reach hundreds, possibly thousands, of people by posting on a Youtube video. (You would not have to post an hour or half-hour vid... you could just show and discuss the procedure, then mention that it should be done for a longer time, when actually treating a cold.) If you made one, I'd recommend then contacting a few of the other people on Youtube who post health-related "alternative" treatments. Some of them might be willing to put your vid onto one of their "playlists".

                          Possibly the procedure would catch on, via this kind of public exposure.


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                            Originally posted by dovez123 View Post
                            I have tried it for about 20 minutes. I just held my right hand near the right side of my chin, not touching the chin or the chest. I sat on a sofa without anything electronic nearby. I put toilet paper as an bonus in my right ear. Was that the correct way to do it? Because I have doubts about if I understood it correctly. I would like to be silent about whether it helped or not. My symptoms are so subjective and change often that I am unable to draw solid conclusions yet. I no way am I saying that it didn't help, that it did nothing or that it was harmful. I am not comfortable with writing on forums, so you shouldn't expect me posting any time soon. I just need to know how to do it correctly with absolute certainty. Thank you for caring Steve.
                            No DOvez, you did not do it right Some toilet paper will not work at all, and if it does not work it will actually make any other attempt to stimulate your immunitiy while it is in your ear NOT work. Also please make sure you follow all the instructions in my lead post. r. BUt anyway I dont know what you are trying to treat and whether it is amenable to being improved within 20 minutes.

                            BTW since you are the only person out of almost 6000 views who posted they even tried it for one minute, what country are you in, or from, I want to try the people where you came from. Generally people who are closer to the equator are more eager to try this, Skepticism is stronger in the genes of more northern ethnicities.

                            Thanks, Steve Lord

                            Steve Lord
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                              I don't want to reveal too much about myself as I tend to obsess about what I write publicly. I'm not from an English-speaking country. I have symptoms from psychotropics, which I stopped taking 4 months ago. I suspect brain damage from drugs. Also had 2 concussions as a kid. An example of a symptom is a form of lightheadedness, which often makes standing, sitting uncomfortable. I sorta believe these kind of symptoms might not be helped by this method too much even if done properly. This keeps me from being motivated enough to try it for a couple of hours. I allow the possibility that I may see some improvement even for these symptoms if I do it for long enough, but am uncertain.