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Toe nail fungus and acv

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  • Toe nail fungus and acv

    TOE NAIL FUNGUS AND ACV does it work what's everyone have to say about treating with ACV . I'm new and can't find the search button .
    thank you.

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    What is ACV? If you mean apple cider vinegar .... yes it worked on me in past ... first remove the possible cause, wearing socks in bed

    Scrape out any gunge between nail and skin (such a lovely process ) ... get something like a blunt end syringe and squirt apple cider vinegar in between nail and skin, point the toe towards the ceiling to let it lie for a few minutes before walking around it every couple of days for a two or 3 weeks ....after that the nail will grow out normally .... unless you keep wearing socks in bed

    But don't tell any pharmaceutical mafia there is a natural cure, it upsets them so much they want to ban everything but 'science based medicine' ... which in practise is often 'biased science meddling' ... as long as everyone is making money from the miserable, scared or ill, they get away with it. Apologies for being cynical.


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      You can also soak gauze in this liquid and wrap your toe with it, or if you have time literally soak your toe in it. The above will likely work as well and should be the first step, and then these two methods keep the liquid there longer.


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        I've also heard that vinegar helps with it as well.