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    I am 34 years old now and I was diagnosed with chronic antritis about 6 years ago. I must say that it has been severely impacting my quality of life ever since. I am trying to control the symptoms but they keep coming back again and again. I have tried different methods of treatment including folk medicine but the result has not been great so far. I came across Mishin?s generator which is quite a hit in some post soviet union countries. They say it helps in most cases and many people have already shared their positive experience. The inventor of the generator Mishin generously volunteered the information on how to make the generator and it can be found online on such websites like vortexmedicine com for free. I am considering making the generator myself or finding the right person to make it for me. I am going to test it and share my experience here and will be looking forward to the comment of those people who may have already tried the generator or have something to say about it.