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    Good blog post by David Groski:
    Science-Based Medicine NIH Director Francis Collins doesn’t understand the problem with CAM
    As the sole cancer surgeon among our stable of Science-Based Medicine (SBM) bloggers, I’m probably the most irritated at the infiltration of pseudoscience into academia (or, as we sometimes like to call it, quackademic medicine) in the realm of cancer. Part of the reason, of course, is that cancer is so common and that the consequences of adding pseudoscience to cancer therapy are among the most devastating. Witness, for instance, the use of Gonzalez therapy to treat pancreatic cancer, a form of quackery that harms patients and resulted in incredibly unethical and disastrous clinical trial of Gonzalez quackery versus chemotherapy whose results were entirely predictable, given the lack of prior plausibility of the treatment: Gonzalez protocol patients did worse, with no evidence that the therapy impacted the natural history of the disease and the Gonzalez patients scoring lower on quality of life measures. Or look at what happens when patients with breast cancer choose quackery over science-based therapy.

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    Conventional, alternative or complementary is as per see.

    Conventional, alternative or complementary is as per see.

    A person who prefers, let's say homeopathic medicine, as a first line of treatment, conventional medicine is an complementary/alternative for him/her.

    Likewise a person who took conventional medicine as first line of treatment, other forms of treatment are complementary/alternative.


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      Energy Medicine

      Hi there, if you are in search for an easier and alternative form of medicine, then maybe you might be interested in Energy Medicine. Energy medicine is a domain of alternative medicine and there are actually two categories under such field. They are namely veritable energy which includes electromagnetic therapy and the other which involves putative energy field. In this category, more popular forms of healing like spiritual healing, the qi gong and Reiki.

      To know more about this, please visit this site. Energy Medicine


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        Originally posted by Sniffy the Atheist View Post
        That's the problem ,the cancer treatment by conventional doctors allopathic medicine does not work, chemo only prolongs life a bit...the doctors are not healing anything ,.CAM and Allopathic Medicine, a combination of both, are the keys needed to heal cancer, the union of opposites . ,that will keep the pharmaceutical companies happy.


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          Originally posted by dominic777 View Post
          That's the problem ,the cancer treatment by conventional doctors allopathic medicine does not work, chemo only prolongs life a bit...
          It is important to understand that chemotherapy is not just one thing. There are close to 100 different chemotherapies (including combinations of chemotherapeutic drugs). Some of them are sheer hell while others are quite doable. Chemotherapy is the primary treatment in some but not all kinds of cancer.

          In other types surgery is the primary treatment. If certain characteristics are present in the cancer, that are associated with risk of later detection of spread, chemotherapy can be used to mop up the residual cancer cells that are still in the body. No guarantees can be given, but the evidence shows that the risk decreases.

          Sometimes the cancer has spread to other organs such as the liver and/or the lungs at the time of diagnosis. In that situation, the purpose of chemotherapy is to relieve the symptoms as much as possible. Long term survival is not to be expected, but some patients do live longer and with a higher quality of life than they would have without therapy. Patients who (most likely) will not benefit from chemotherapy are discouraged from having it.