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  • Tinnitus ?

    Hi. Does anyone know of any alternative workable remedies for tinnitus ?

    I've had it for a couple of years and it's not getting any better.

    I'm willing to consider anything. Any help would be appreciated.



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    If it is annoying (e.g. preventing sleep) the quickest relief is to mask the sound ... there is a radio station called 'calm radio' where one can listen to sounds like the seashore, crackling fires, wind, bird whistles and so one during the night (or get audio CD)

    I do know a couple of people who have cured themselves by doing lots of things in combination, so perhaps more exercise and shifting to a healthier diet is your best chance of an actual cure ...which basically means avoiding processed foods or added sugars, etc. and eating more raw salad foods, cooked vegetables and some raw fruits (not too much or one diet becomes too sugary). One can suppplement antioxidants by eating turmeric, ginger, green tea, vitamin C, vitamin E.

    Some add a little oil to ears (as well as increasing healthy oils in diet) coconut, almond and others regularly to ears.

    Good luck
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      Hi Open Mind - thanks for the response.

      Not sure about masking it, as I move around a lot and it's during wakefulness that it's a real problem.

      And my diet is excellent - much as you describe.

      The oil in the ear sounds interesting. I will try it. I've heard olive oil is very beneficial for many things. Which oil do you suppose might be best ? And at room temperature or warmed up a little ?




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        Originally posted by Alfred T View Post
        And my diet is excellent - much as you describe.
        Great start shouldn't expect any 'natural' treatment to work well without a high quality diet in place. Particularly avoid artificial excito-toxins (MSG, aspartame, etc.) .... these adversely affect sensory organs such as eyes, ears, etc. Unforunately aspirin in medicine can cause tinnitus.

        Increasing circulation with exercise like walking or something more active still might help, as might gentle circulation exercise movements to neck and jaw.

        (Note: If trying to counteract a possible chronic inflammation with just healthy eating, sometimes adding a supplement is easier ... for example turmeric/curcumin level used in trials would typically require 1 pill with '95% curcuminoids' = 20 teaspoons of turmeric powder... which isn't practical ... although the natural form with food possibly absorbs better, so may work at lower dose over longer time)

        The oil in the ear sounds interesting. I will try it. I've heard olive oil is very beneficial for many things. Which oil do you suppose might be best ?
        I am not qualified to recommend a specific oil or amount, so I won't ... I think you could experiment upon yourself very carefully with more than one type, it will probably increase the odds of success as different oils have different properties .

        Some rub oil around the ears, not necessarily inside ears....

        Do a search of coconut oil, if I recall this one contains lauric acid ( this oil is stable (last years without going rancid), although solid at cold room temperatures, it is usually liquid at body contact temperatures. Pure coconut oil is one of the healtiest oils also a mild antiviral, anti-bacteria effect according to research sites. Search the above source to see or ask if it is safe for ears.

        Almond oil seems safe to put in ears as it has traditionally often been used for ear wax removal which can make tinnitus worse, almond may do more than just remove wax, since it contains vitamin E etc.. Not that you want to lose all ear wax, it is only a problem if hard and dry.

        So with any oil do a skin test, try it once then stop ....if no adverse reactions, try it again and gradually build up ...if any problems stop and see a doctor .... also have breaks to let the natural ear oil/wax return too.

        Do a search of Garlic oil is also a mild antiseptic, some have claimed this helps tinnitus, however test it on your skin around ear first to make sure there is no adverse reaction.

        Another one claimed on internet to help is Sesame Seed oil, if I recall this is a polyunsaturate oil so it must be labelled 'cold pressed' or it will be destroyed by heat, it will also go off quicker than some of the above types .. but some have claimed it helped reduce tinnitus.

        Olive oil also has reported medical uses, it is fairly stable (but not as stable as coconut oil) so again use it fresh. I have a book on olive oil medicinal uses (written by a doctor) if I find the book I will have a look.

        There are many more oils , I suggest you search these with the word tinnitus ... to see what worked on others ... just make sure these are not harmful to your skin and are fresh oils, rancid oils may be harmful (certainly are if eaten) . Some oils like flaxseed go rancid very quickly, must be stored in a fridge (coconut oil is about the only type that doesn't need to be stored in cool dark place).

        And at room temperature or warmed up a little
        I'm sure you know never put hot oil in your ear (as mentioned most oils are damaged by excessive heat too) .... what you can do is warm a teaspoon metal under the boiled kettle, then dry spoon with a kitchen roll, pour cool oil on to warm spoon and wait until the underside of the spoon feels just warm, then that is warm enough. Most try it last thing at night, plugging the ear loosely with cotton wool.

        The above is not medical advice.. be careful with whatever you choose to do. See your doctor if you feel the need.... and be positive, if a doctor doesn't know how to cure a condition, that doesn't make it incurable, it just means they don't know how to and you should ask other doctors or health professionals.
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          All good advice, O M - thanks.