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In need of help to understand my experience!

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  • In need of help to understand my experience!

    Hey everyone.

    My name is Jon, and I'm 19 years old. I'm from Denmark, and I practice Taekwondo (Moo Duk Kwan) as well as developing my qi to eventually begin to heal people.

    I had an experience today that I can't really explain, and I thought it had something to do with my recent development of my qi. It basically started at the gas station.
    I was wandering around in the store looking for some things while this guy comes in. I can't really see his face, but to me he seems a bit odd. I take a glance at him for a moment before I continue to shop. I eventually get myself to the counter, and as I am packing my stuff down into my bag, the guy walks behind me for a moment. I start to feel a sudden feeling all from my neck, down over my back and also onto the back of my legs. It's like needles randomly sticking into me everywhere. When he eventually passes me, it slowly subsides.

    Could anyone tell me what this might be? Was it an exchange of qi, or did I unintentionally heal him if he was deprived of energy? Could it be that he sucked some of my qi out?

    Any answer would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards
    - Jon.

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    I think you were just sensing his energy which sounds like it was quite unusual.


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      From the way you are explaining it sounds like you felt something wrong from the get go, which is probably your soul or higher self or guides etc. telling you to protect yourself, yes it sounds like he did suck your chi a bit, how did you feel after that immediately and for the following days after that?
      In such experiences it's always advisable to use your techniques of spiritual protection, after such experiences always good to do a cleaning of the chi and recharge yourself.
      When I've experienced the same feelings in the same places your describing Ive always found in the end that indeed it was an attack or energy suck like energy vampire work. As your intuition developes more as probably will with your qi work you will be able to know for sure and in advance and what they are doing while its happening or immediately after. when ever you feel something strange its always good to put up your shields. If you do find or feel you were negatively affected you should do qi cleaning & recharge on yourself in any way known to you. If you feel it's not enough, have someone else work on you like a qigong practitioner or reiki healer or acupuncturist or the like.