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Introduction to Qigong

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  • Introduction to Qigong

    Being an art of self-training both body and mind as well as sending forth external qi (waiqi), qigong, created by the Chinese people in the long process of life, labor and fight against diseases, protecting and strengthening health and prolonging life. It is one of the gems in the treasure-house of China's cultural heritage as well as component part of traditional Chinese medicine.
    Qigong has a long history and diverse schools. As the "internal qi (neiqi)" of qigong and the "external qi (waiqi)" emitted by qigong masters are invisible and inaudible to ordinary people, qigong is commonly considered to be mysterious and profound.

    Qigong is an art and skill to train qi. To be exact, it is a method by which the practitioner gets physical and mental self-exercise through bringing into play his subjective initiative. To achieve this aim, the practitioner must associate his mind, postures and breathing and act on the whole organism. On one hand, it actively self-regulates the functional activities of the organism and maintains a dynamic equilibrium. On the other hand , it enables the body to produce an "energy-storing" reaction, reduce energy consumption and increase energy accumulation, producing the effects of regulating yin and yang, dredging the channels and collaterals and emitting external qi.

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    Qigong meditation is an ancient Chinese method of exercise and meditation that makes the mind and spirit calm that will make our day good and feels better.