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    The Mind Possessed: Secrets of Matrifocal Music Healing

    by drew hempel, anticopyright

    There's an ancient drumming ritual described in the field recording compact disc, "Witchcraft and Ritual Music of Kenya and Tanzania," Basically young females believe they will be eaten by wild animals during a secret all night drumming ritual and then in the morning their bones are shown to those who are not initiated. In fact those females ARE eaten, by the drummer shamans. The female electrochemical energy is taken in by the drummers and in turn the drummers shoot out electromagnetic light energy into the females, creating a "mutual climax" of love-light. This is described in the British psychiatrist William Sargent book "The Mind Possessed: Exorcism and Ecstasy" (Sargent participated in the CIA's MKUltra, creating mind-controlled females through electroshock treatment). His "Mind Possessed" book is his travels to these nonwestern cultures to study their trance healing. In matrifocal horticulture society the males go train for three months in the sacred forests, separated from females. This training means storing up and transforming the hormones to create electromagnetic fields for paranormal powers.

    What happened is that after domestication of animals, around 10,000 years ago, the males came to believe that they "controlled" Nature and this is expressed in the ancient ritual of the solar eclipse. The "sun is sick" when the female, lunar energy covers up the sun or son. Therefore a sacrifice must occur to heal this female "sickness." This is the first original religion and it was an animal sacrifice at first. As left-brain, right-hand dominance developed further the sacrifice became humans through warfare; technology became the religion based on a "divide and average" solar-based geometry -- logarithmic math and statistics.

    As my final dream ended this morning I was told (in preparation for this question):

    Civilization is when the cooks learned to be cooked. haha. So this "mass ritual sacrifice" tradition is based on maintaining creation of civilization through "separation of heaven and earth" or the psychological separation of the lower body and upper body. The right brain, through nonwestern music, reconnects our lower emotions (lust, fear, worry, anger, sadness) which are the electrochemicals of our organs (reproductive, kidney, pancreas, liver, lungs). When this energy is harmonized through nonwestern music then ultrasound ionizes those emotions through heating the electrochemicals. Blissful heat is created which leads to opening up the heart energy -- establishing the harmony of heaven (mind) and earth (body). The latest issue of WIRED has a new study about how a simple decision is made by our brain seven seconds before we are aware with our cortex. In other words humans are actually controlled by our limbic-thalamus brain -- the emotional brain -- which in turn connects with the body through the cerebellum, and this is mediated by trance music. There is a delay before this emotional-motion perception actually reaches our cortex, which under the guise of "civilization" then returns back to repress the energy. When we become mind-controlled humans were are no longer aware of this role of the left-brain to cause dis-ease.

    What happened with the West is this whole tradition of trance, female singing healing was outlawed. Plato literally banned the trance modes of music so that only the major and minor modes were allowed -- the major for military solidarity and the minor for putting people in their place -- an emotion of sentimental nostalgia and disempowered tragic-comedy. What had been the matrifocal, intuitive paranormal energy became a conspiracy. Professor Bruce Lincoln, an anthropologist at University of Chicago, has an article published on this -- the secret transformation of the word "Metis" which had meant female knowledge as skillful power and for Plato became the excuse for evil. Metis became "female cunning reason" or lies that were necessary to maintain the proper distance from mob rule. Wittgenstein's protege, philosophy of science professor Stephen Toulmin, also writes about this secret change of Metis in his latest book, "The Return to Reason." The "lyre" (a hand-held harp) used to be for matrifocal philosophy -- epic songs of history and paradoxes, etc. but this musical trance knowledge now became the left-brain, right-hand "liar."

    Philosophy of science, liberal studies Professor Morris Berman has an excellent "secret" history of the West book called "Coming to our Senses" (Berman is now teaching in Mexico at some university). Anyway he argues that there's always been an undercurrent of this female orgasmic healing power in the West but usually when it's tapped into, through some sort of mysticism, it becomes this male, "grail" vertical ascent towards heaven trip -- whether it was "Jesus" Christ (Constantine) or Hitler, or the Pope Crusades, or Newton and Goethe.

    Berman is searching for the lost alchemical tradition of the West -- what he calls gnosticism, even though he knows he uses "gnostic" as a catch-all term. So Berman's next book was just on hunter-gatherer cultures and what a German anthropologist in the 1930s called "democratic shamanism." At one point in "Coming to Our Senses," Berman gets very close to the secret when he mentions a music book on minimalism stating that it's trying to get away from the polyphonic limitations of Western music.

    The basic secret in the West is that blues music is trance music. Blues is based on the 1-4-5 chord progression and I discovered in my research that the octave-perfect fourth-perfect fifth is the same as the consciousness-yin-yang resonance in Chinese Taoism. I then discovered that the three months of training in matrifocal shamanism of Africa (and in traditional Voodoo training in Brazil) is also the same as the 100 day "gong" in Taoist training.

    The problem with the West is that our sense of time relies on a "divide and average" system whereas nonwestern music uses the heart-beat of time -- syncopated rhythm. Our bodies naturally want to dance when we hear a syncopated sense of time, just as our heart naturally has a "chaotic" nonlinear rhythm. What happens in trance is that the sound of the drum is the same as the alpha wave frequency of deep relaxation -- about 15 beats a second is the actually drumhead frequency. Then the syncopated rhythm also lines up with the heart beat chaos which is also of that alpha frequency. A good friend of mine, African-American, was raised in a female, trance healing music in the Southern U.S. and he now drums with a Middle Eastern man who was raised in female belly dance trance healing.

    In Taoism this is the slow "active" exercise (just like the slow frequency of the low drumhead) -- the standing simple tai-chi movements based on the fact that our bodies have inherent energy flowing as complementary opposites. The upper and lower half of our bodies and the left and right hands naturally create a connected circuit which, when flowing, will enable our body to build electromagnetic fields for paranormal healing -- from the heart-mind connection. This is taught by qigong master Chunyi Lin's Spring Forest Qigong and it's been verified recently in the latest biophoton research.

    Whether it was the "pietist" movement in Germany or the Cathars of Spain and France or the "tarantella" spider poison possession music of Italy or the Ranters of England, there's always been some secret trance, female healing practice in the West. The explosion of the pentecostal, evangelical movement out of the U.S. and into the Third World in the wake of the CIA genocidal campaigns after World War Two is the latest example of this female trance healing merging of the West and the nonwestern cultures. Of course the Church uses witchcraft as an inversion -- holy spirit trance is used to exorcise the demons of tribal powers. In reality the female healing energy of Africa, Asia and Latin America has just become a new "secret" of the West -- what had been open healers using singing and trance and dancing -- now becomes a Christian prayer of speaking in tongues and channeling the Holy Spirit for some 500 million people in nonwestern cultures.