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Serious problems with pre-conceived expectations

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  • Serious problems with pre-conceived expectations

    My third eye fully awaked and opened up one day ago. But they say an important thing to keep in mind during any meditation practice is to not have pre-conceived ideas of expecting something to happen.

    I deeply regret to say that a few days after my third eye fully opening I stopped my meditation practice for 2 months. Please dont ask why. My meditation sessions were very different after what I experienced of it opening. But I ask this cause i'm having serious problems with my emotions now, full of disappointment and regret. I regret stopping my practices and its bugging me in a deep level. Is there someone who may have a suggestion that hits the spot.

    Its not like when I go to do my spiritual practices that i expect certain things, but metaphorically speaking, my concsious mind knows they do. And its starting to seriously interfere with not only my spiritual practices but me in general. I'm feeling seriously down now cause its not the same no more. I picked up my practices about 4 months ago, I spent about 3-4 months in daily practices until this third eye awakeing experience occured. But I began meditation about a year and a half ago, so that would put it at a year prior to it turning into a daily practice. Cause when it turned to a daily practice, my diet changed, which I know had a dramatic effects on everything about my spirituality.

    Thank you for any who take the time to read this completely, and even more so to those who respond.

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    Oh, lol what i meant by "one day ago" was some time ago. It didnt happen recently. My third eye opened around 6-7 months ago, i stopped for about 2 months, and its been about 3-4 months since I re-began my spiritual practices.

    Sooo I opened my third eye, stopped practicing, and restarted but its not fully awakened. But im having the issues now with expectations since I did experience things when it opened and after.