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  • How to make meditation easy


    Meditation seems easy but it needs lots of dedication many start meditation only few continue. For all those who find meditation difficult. I would like to share my experience with it has useful information on how to make meditation easy and manage stress, anxiety and depression effectively. i have benefited from it and I am leading a focused and peaceful life by managing my stress effectively.


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    For a long time people considered meditation as an esoteric subject of elderly which deserved a try only after retirement. Thankfully, the situation is changing fast. As more and more scientific research on meditation are showing its remarkable positive effects on our mind & body, people of all age groups have started taking interest in meditation. Now there are management schools where meditation is taught as a compulsory subject. The classes of meditation are being conducted in every part of the world. The most modern doctors of world's best health institutions are recommending the daily practice of meditation to their patients. What was once consider a part of religion, is now taking a centre stage in our most demanding worldly activities.This increase in its awareness in the society is beneficial for everybody on our planet as the very process of meditation brings unity and brotherhood among people. As more and more people recognize their true identity through meditation, there will be an increase in the awareness to recognize the presence of same supreme consciousness in everybody.

    good luck!!

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      meditation generally is pretty easy when done correctly.

      all you need to have is the right mindset, a goal and consistency

      all the other results will speak for themselves

      the main effects are enhanced positivity, calmness on the inside, more inner peace and joy, greater sense of satisfaction and similar


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        Before I meditate I think of something joyful in my life something that would make me smile and then I begin to meditate.


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          Meditation is a practice that has been around for centuries. It offers so many health benefits that can change a person’s life, solve problems and attain a greater level of life relieve and satisfaction. By learning how to meditate properly, it can help you overcome stress and maintain focus on other tasks.


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            To make your meditation easy you have to have a focused mind and concentration. Meditation can help to calm the mind, relieving the build up of daily stresses that can lead to disease.


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              Meditation needs more concentration and focus. One needs to have the desire to meditate well and not just for the sake of doing so. It helps if you focus all your energy on a specific thing that you are meditating about. This helps you become stronger and the emotional baggage that you may be carrying will most likely be eased out.

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                Difficulty with meditation

                I do most days of the week so I have a connection between my mind and body during practice. However, during meditation, I cannot seem to quiet my mind. I find that it completely floods with thoughts and worries. Does anyone have any suggestions as to help this flood of thoughts? I have tried focusing on the sensations of my body while practicing meditation and that has helped a bit. Please let me know if there are any other useful tips!


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                  how to make meditation easy


                  Meditation isn't supposed to be easy! What I can say is that having a flood of thoughts--such as worries--is really a common experience. You're not doing anything wrong. Don't dwell on it. Don't worry about worrying! Just notice as the thoughts arise and let them go. Sort of like clouds crossing the sky. Don't try to hold on to any one thought. Simply observe them--they come and they go, they come and they go. That's all you have to do.

                  Hope this helps!

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