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Very HUNGRY in the morning

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  • Very HUNGRY in the morning

    I've found that the general consensus for most types of meditation is to not do it while your body is trying to digest food. Before breakfast and at night before bed are common recommendations, as you probably know. Right when I wake up every morning I'm very hungry and i must eat. This causes a problem, obviously. Of course I could meditate later, but a morning meditation seems very important to me and is something I want to be able to do. Any recommendations? Has anyone else had to deal with this?


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    I, too, don't like mediation after breakfast. But I usually eat a bit large breakfast.

    Possibly, you could find a type of food or which is not heavy on the stomach but could make you feel not so hungry. So that not the hunger nor the digestion would bother you.

    Maybe it's also possible to drink a cup or two of water. That will fill you up somewhat but will not cause digestion.

    I guess there are better answers on this but this is what I think might work.


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      Try a glass of fruit juice before meditating.

      You might also take a look at what you are eating for dinner or any midnight snacks. Some foods are more likely to cause cravings later on. Generally a balanced meal or snack with both carbohydrates and protein is less likely to result in cravings.


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        Thank you both for the advice, I'm going to try out all the suggestions.


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          You could also try doing a moving form first until the hunger subsides, then meditate. If you have the time, of course Like anonymous said, a small glass of ~OJ can help too.


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            very hungry


            How about drinking a scoop or two of whey protein when you first get up? If you're a vegan, you can get protein powder for vegans. Another option might be--if your stomach can take it--to drink coffee with butter. Blend the coffee with butter and it becomes really creamy and smooth. But make it grass-fed butter. Try it, you might like it! I do. If that isn't good for you, drink lots of water.

            Butter is supposed to be really good for you--good for your brain. Of course, if you're vegan I guess you can't do that. So just drink lots of water. Or green tea.