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Nightmarish World Changing Experience. Please help.

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  • Nightmarish World Changing Experience. Please help.

    Please take the time to read my entire story.. I did not know where else to post this.. I have never heard of anyone experiencing anything like this...

    I've only smoked pot maybe a total of 10 times.. Most of the times it has been great, me laughing and having a good time.. I did usually get slightly paranoid.. but nothing severe.

    I was at a party with some friends, and like 4 of us started smoking pot

    I wasnt really feeling good during the day.. and didn't really feel like smoking but did anyway..

    I took just one hit from the bong..

    Five minutes later I started to get hot and sweaty.
    I sat down on the couch to try and calm down.. all of a sudden it was as if I could here what everyone was thinking (about me). I have gotten paranoid like this before while smoking.. So I was trying to ignore it... It got so bad that it seemed like everyone was talking about me out loud. all at the same time.. Non stop. I couldnt handle it anymore, and thought to myself I have to get out of here..

    I remember staring and just trying to hear what they were saying about me.. If I looked directly at them, it was as if they changed the subject real quick and were talking about their normal conversation. I was freaking out real bad cuz i felt like i could no longer trust anyone.. I wanted to get out of the room but i had no where to go.. then all of a sudden I felt like I was floating in a kind of virtual world (which was the real world). I thought I was floating outside my body. I thought everything made sense, like "oh this world is just all fake, that why Im floating nothings real... I got up and thought I could walk through the beer pong table.. Because I thought I was floating through this virtual world.. Once I realized I knocked over the table and wasnt actually floating then I got even more scared. it was as if my new "discovery" of the real world actually wasnt true.. I went to sit down. and shut my eyes to try and escape..

    Then it was if I my body was actually dead, and i was just trapped in this world where everyone was talking about me non stop. I remember thinking? Is this it? am I dead? I had my head down and my eyes shut.. Everything start to get fuzzy and go white.. I could hear all these different voices. It was like all these voices of what anyone had ever said bad about me in my entire life. all at once. I then remember thiniking I was in hell, and this is how it was going to be forever.. I remember asking god for help and to get me out of this 'hell'..

    I then "woke up" and regained awareness of the real world.

    My friends were trying to calm me down.. We went to a different room away from the party. Then all of a sudden it was as if me and the couple people i smoked with were all talking to each other without actually saying anything. Strangest feeling of my life.. It was slightly amusing.. It was if we could all read each others minds and were having a conversation.. It seemed as if we were all aware of it as well. I thought that we all had this new ability because of the pot..

    Then the person having the party told me just to take nap and sleep it off..

    People were trying to calm me down, saying this happens sometimes to people.. But I felt like they were lieing, and maybe they knew that all of a sudden I knew what they were all thinking about me so they were trying to cover it up.. I remember responding to them with a question.. They would sayyy "this happens sometimes" i would say "what happens." they would say "you know, how your feeling right now" i would say. "how am i feeling right now."

    not sure how to explain if i was questioning their real motives

    I finally went to a bedroom and layed down.. I remember shaking while laying down..after I went to fall asleep, it was as if my mind was disconnected from my body. It almost felt like the matrix.. Like the entire world as I know it was all fake.. I dont know how to explain it.. When I was 'disconnected' it was as if there was other people that were also disconnected that I could not see but hear. It was as if my life was like The Sims or something..And I finally realized it because I was disconnected (from the weed).. I could here them in my head like, "Oh he realizes what's going on." like he figured it out that the world is just a tiny game like The Sims..

    I remember looking down at my body sleeping in the bed..

    When I decided I wanted to return to my body.. The voices were questioning me saying things like " why would you want to go back, now that you know its not real." they seemed confused, like "what is he doing? he 'gets' what the world is really like, why would he want to go back?"

    I remember telling them, that "now that i know the world is fake, that I will be able to change it" (?).
    im not sure how to explain it.... it made sense at the time..

    anyways after I woke up, I was better.. but am confused if this was just a bad trip from weed or something else...

    I have gotten slightly paranoid before while smoking. But nothing like this. Usually i'm just laughing and having a good time.
    I'm afraid to smoke again now. It was so scary..

    I am just wondering what anyone here thinks this could be.. I do not think it was all just from the weed.. I only took one hit, and have smoked a lot more before this incident without having any issues...

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    Your Experience

    I just joined this site and it seems you posted this in January? I am hoping that you either figured this out but if not this is my take on it. You obviously needed to learn at that particular moment more about life and who you and the world really is. Everyone is waking up to to this...some sooner some later.

    In all actuality the energy is so different and more powerful than ever before that you don't or shouldn't smoke pot anymore. I say this because I have also smoked pot and now it has a weird affect so I don't do it anymore.

    But even though you had this weird affect, what you did figure out is truth...that everyone will be opening up to each other and being able to read other minds, that the world is an illusion and not real and is also similar to the movie, the Matrix of which you mentioned. I would release the paranoid feeling and learn to connect to the energy in a positive way.