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any help with schizophrenia / agoraphobia ?

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  • any help with schizophrenia / agoraphobia ?

    Greetings everyone,
    8 years ago I had my first psychotic episode (probably substance-induced by cannabis), I first saw a bright infinity sign in front of my eyes, then I started having delusional thoughts and strange behaviour. I was hospitalised and put on antipsychotic medication. Since 2008, I tried several times to stop the medication, I felt great for a month, but every time I ended up again in the hospital.
    I also believe there is something mystical in all that I experienced, during some states I saw some unexplainable things, I felt energy.. On many occasions, I was aware of a spiritual force guiding my actions, and many times I saw events that I could not explain.
    I don't stay very well with the idea that I have to take such meds all my life, I think our bodies is a natural organism, and whatever is made in a lab can only be digested by a lab, not by our bodies.
    Lately my health has worsened, my anxiety became to the point that I have agoraphobia and have trouble going out of my house, also have other physical symptoms. I have been going to the doctors lately and all they seem to prescribe is more and more chemicals for every symptoms, some saying that I have to take for life.. maybe there is an alternative to this?
    I don't really like the idea of taking more and more chemicals for all my symptoms, I think that could create more and more problems and could lead a way to disaster.
    But I wonder, is there any other way?

    For some months I tried qigong with a couple different teachers, and I started being aware of chi in my body. But I don't really know what to do with it, I am not skilled enough so I can use qigong to heal myself. I don't know what else I can do.
    Thank you!

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    One thing that you might try is part-life regression or even between-life regression. These types of hypnotic treatments could help you connect with your spiritual self. I haven't tried it myself but from Michael Newton's book that I've recently read, it could be an interesting way to tackle this type of problem. On their web site, they have a way to find local therapists. Of course, maybe you'll want to read his book first, so you better understand what it's about. I've only read the first book but it was very interesting.
    On another note, have you tried finding other spiritual people who might be able to look into it (or into you) and maybe explain this better or find out what is it that you're having. I know, sounds easier than done but try to look in your area for such people. Of course, you need to be careful about who you pick, so I'd go with personal recommendations, if possible.


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      This is a kind of old post, hopefully you'll still read this. My guides are advising me that you're experiencing shaman sickness. You're a Pleiadian star seed and you sent your soul fractal here with the intent to be a healer. When we are born of such a strong intent but don't take the steps to follow that path the resulting energetic "fiction" is released in the from of mental disorders. I can help you heal both the schizophrenia and the agoraphobia. Please email me