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Arthritis: incurable ... but "liveable"?

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  • Arthritis: incurable ... but "liveable"?

    I'm very lucky in that most of my arthritis symptoms are only active when I am active, hence I call my arthritis "kinetic arthritis". I enjoy pain-free sleep and sitting. Everything else, however, hurts, especially walking. Movement of all kinds, including normal house work, is difficult.

    Walking has been my prime exercise-source and natural weight-maintenance, anti-depressant for nearly four decades. However, with the onset of the arthritis, this activity of prime joy has become a laborious "ought-to/need to" chore. But I won't give it up for other suggested alternatives like "water therapy" (exercise, if not swimming, through water-resistance to burn calories in an arthritis-friendly manner). I get around "okay" with a cane, and take public transportation for relatively long trips that walking simply can't accomplish.

    My Dr. says that as the current medical state stands, arthritis is treatable but incurable. This means I have to "live with it". It's this long-term (everlasting) prospect that is exacerbating my chronic depression and causing that slowed-down motion which results in slow calorie-burn and weight increase, which of course is a vicious cycle because adding weight to an already-stressed mechanism is the worst thing for arthritis.

    So I guess I'm just casting about here, to see if any other arthritics share some of my issues, and how they deal with arthritis' long-term aspects, without sort of "throwing in the towel", and/or if they have any dietary, herb-vitamin, or exercise practices that might be helpful. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Arthritis is a degenerating of bones and joints. Now if you give your body what it needs to regenerate bones and joints the arthritis goes away.
    There was a basketball player called Theo Ratliff who three years into his corer blow out his knees and they told him his corer was finished. He search out Dr. Wallach and with nutriments rebuilt his knees and he went back to play and made another 38 million dollars and retired as the second oldest player in the game. This doctor does this all the time. Check out Dr.Wallach, Dr Glidden or youngevity
    Only allopathic doctor will tell you it can not be cured because they can not do it.
    Doctors that help the body fix itself can.


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      Hi Bastaschs

      My mum has had very good results after two weeks taking Green Lipped Mussel Extract. It also worked on my dog - so I doubt it's placebo


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        Psychic healing can have long term beneficial effects including outright curing it. If you have the time and the money, it's worth paying somebody good to do that for you.

        However be prepared to keep it up for a long time. Chronic problems typically don't respond well and may take some time before you start to see results. Or you could see results immediately. Psychic healing doesn't have a dependable case history file of thousands of people to rely on like ordinary medicine so it's really hard to say how effective it is in what situations.

        For example, when I met my wife she had operations in both knees and arthritis had set in. I cured it over the course of a few months by touch healing her off and on. She has never had arthritis in her knees since. But she was also in her early twenties at the time.


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          Originally posted by bastaschs View Post
          without sort of "throwing in the towel", and/or if they have any dietary, herb-vitamin, or exercise practices that might be helpful. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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            Although herbs and Psychic healing might relieve pain if it is a mineral deficiency which is 99% these fixes are temporary. The body needs the minerals that it is deficient of in to make the real difference and stay on those supplements for a long time to build up the reserves in the body.


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              Thanks to all of you for your helpful, encouraging suggestions. Sorry I only now noticed your replies, as I've been over at the new forum.