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Pain in palms

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  • Pain in palms

    When i think of losing one I love...I get this drawing electrical pain in my palms..and a few fingers. Has anyone experienced this and what is it?

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    This is 100% speculation but you might learn what this is about from a past life regression. I don't advise it though unless you feel it is very important. In that case it could be beneficial.

    You can try to figure this out yourself by doing some relaxation exercises, get as deeply relaxed as possible, and ask youself what it means. Repeat the question over and over like a mantra. Then when your mind wanders, notice what you were thinking about. You may find in your thoughts a literal or symbolic answer to your question.

    More on this technique can be found here:

    The web page is about mediumship but the technique can be used for other purposes too.
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      Body - Mind Interaction

      Any time a particular thought causes a physical response in the body, the body is responding to something mental on a physical level. This is called psychosomatic response.

      People often have stomach aches when faced with an unpleasant task; (school children who have school phobia often do this.)

      Emotional stress can cause gastroesophageal reflux with resulting chest pain that can mimic heart attack.

      I have heard some people say that certain sounds (fingernails on the chalk board for example) make their teeth hurt.

      Your hand pain that occurs on thinking of loss of a loved one, sounds like nerve pain similar to that suffered by diabetics (diabetic neuropathy) or patients taking certain chemotherapy drugs. Thoughts are probably most closely related to the nervous system, so it is not too strange to imagine that nerve pain could be cause by emotional stress.

      It is not all in your head. The pain is real. I strongly suggest you do some EFT to neutralize the emotion and the pain in your hands will probably go away as well as the extreme emotional pain you have with your thoughts. Send your questions to Gary Craig at EFT Provides Impressive Health and Emotional Freedom--New Discovery Often Works Where Nothing Else to find out how. or you can email me at and I will help you over the phone.


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        i've been searching for this forever

        heartnblueyes, you are definitely not alone. I've been searching the net since I was a child for my specific problem and this was the first time I had ever seen anyone else with this problem.

        anytime anyone hurts my feelings by devaluing my opinion or simply from ignoring my point of view, I get this "electric" current that seems to originate from my stomach or spine, and radiates outward to my palms and arches of my feet, then to the tips of my fingers and toes.

        When I was a child, it was almost unbearably painful and I'd always burst into tears which seemed "stupid" or "unreasonable" to those who had hurt my feelings. I do understand now how past life regression would help, but personally, regressing seems too terrifying for me since I would have to confront something that I can sense inside.

        Now I've detached from life enough to the point that now only my palms ache and I wringe my hands when under stress. I'm scared that blocking these signals will have worse effects. I'm completely new at all this on the site and I would like to know some specifics on how to regress without losing control. Keep in mind I am completely novice and need at least a definition of technical terms as if I'm a child being taught. thanks all

        also I dont know if anyone on this site is into astrology or if I sound stupid asking. it really doesn't matter to me know. I'm a Pisces with moon in Capricorn and I've always associated my palm pains with my signs. I was wondering if Heartnblueyes has anything in common with me astrologically wise.
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          I have a pain in my whole body

          Ok, I am only 18 years old. I have a pain in my whole body. My hips, legs, thighs, a little bit in my back and pain in both of my shoulders. The pain started in my left shoulder about 3 weeks ago. But just on Monday the pain has spread to the rest of my body. Now today the pain has spread to my back and right shoulder. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be happening to my body? It hurts like no other pain I have ever felt before. What can I do to get rid of the pain?


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            Lancy, you might want to see a chiropractor. I know it started in your shoulder but it could be your spine causing the problems. Also, I have heard acupuncture is a great pain reliever.