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I am desperate. Please help.

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  • I am desperate. Please help.

    I cannot go into too much detail right now. There are spirits following me everywhere I go. I cannot sleep at night because they are poking me in
    my back and chest. Every time they touch me, it either makes my skin crawl
    or it tickles to an unbearable extent. Sometimes they help me and other times
    they show me terrifying visions. Ones name is Lilly and she encourages me and claims she is one of my Guardian Angel's. Just this morning, I was laying on
    the couch and just had my eyes shut, when sound rang through my ears that
    sounded like a stick of dynamite going off! I have way too many symptoms to believe this is a mental illness and have a very rational mind. This has been going off and on for years. There are no such medications that can fix it.
    I have been told by psychics in the past that it is prayer that I need.
    If I can't get help soon, It may be the end.

    Please help.

    I have attempted to invent a device that will push these negative energies away permanently, but It angered the entities and they tortured me more,
    so I sent my research project to be finished by a parapsychologist in West Barnstable, Massachusetts.
    His non-profit team of scientist's will continue working on this prototype until hopefully finished. I am unable to continue research because
    the tortures become unbearable. I really just need as many people as possible to pray for me because I fear God is unable to help based on my lack of Faith.

    These entities are also manipulating my sex drive. They have an energy in their hands called chakras that induce pleasure. I cannot tolerate the guilt
    that giving in to the temptation causes. I sometimes hear a voice that tells me I will still be saved when I pass away. I do not know who it is, but
    I think most christian religions are mistaken about sex being naughty. The Catholic church taught me that it was bad. All I know, is that
    some of these female spirits are more beautiful than a supermodel. I know my story sounds quite far fetched, but it is the truth.
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    Originally posted by supercell1970 View Post
    There are no such medications that can fix it.
    You say you went to a psychic; have you gone to a doctor?


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      For 15 years

      I have been to doctor's for more than 15 years regarding this sophisticated
      problem to no avail. The last time I questioned a doctor about this, they stated they were unable to help me. There are no medications that have helped. There is no way scientifically possible for my problems to be explained. Besides I am a medium in self practice. I know my own body and mind better than some shrink.

      I am going to tell you a few of the many things that happened to me spiritually.
      How do you explain:
      Every time one of the entities tells me something is about to happen, it does. For example: I had a vision after I violated probation, while lying on the couch ,that showed the police were about to drive up and arrest me. Sure enough it happened within a few minutes. How can I possibly predict that to happen, when there was no way I could have known the day they were going to arrest me?
      How do you explain:
      I was in the middle of prayer about my stomach ulcer, when all of a sudden, a voice tells me the first and last name of a person. I decide to investigate and look up the name on the
      internet. Come to find out, the person was dead. They died in the 1800's. And to top it off, they died from bleeding ulcers.
      How do you explain:
      I was lying in bed but not asleep. I had a very vivid vision of the space shuttle exploding in which caused a minor traumatic effect. I wanted to call NASA and warn them, but
      I knew they would think I was crazy. 6 months later, all of the crew aboard the space shuttle dies in an explosion in which the debris is spread over Texas.
      All of the events above are a fact.

      This experience all stemmed from the original mistake that I made back in 1995. The use of an ouija board. I could write a 500 page autobiography on the subject, but
      I will continue a little further.
      I do not comprehend fully what has happened. I have been to places not of this earth through a form of astral projection. There are other worlds out there far beyond imagination with
      creatures larger than the dinosaurs. There are abominations and extra-terrestrial beings from the underworld, also known as hades. Heaven is incredibly unimaginable as the
      streets are paved with solid gold and the stairs made of pearl. The colors there are bright enough and vivid enough to permanently blind a living, breathing human being.

      My God, what has happened to me? If you wish to know the whole story of my situation, while I am still sane, e-mail me at:

      God bless.
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        my email to you didnt get through so i'lle just quot it to you,i read about your problem,i'de recomend you see a vid on youtube: Bill Schnoebelen Interview with an Ex Vampire he was saying anyway,that he used to be a medium(and a satanist,illuminist,cathlic priest,satanic priest,vampire,etc)and he was saying that the spirits mediums contact ar'nt dead peoples spirits,but actually demons,or as the bible calls them,familiar spirits,really fascinating video,he aslo talks about how he was abducted/asral projected,hes not shure himself to one of saturns moons,he aslo sais(he bytheway,left satanism,masonry,vampirism,cahnnelling,etc,hes christian now)the way he got saved is one day,his check to the church of satan came back and on the back someone had written;i'lle be praying for you in jesus name,and within a week he'de lost all his occult power(he said he was demon possesed before he got saved),and i'le also be praying for you in jesus name,let me know if it helps,but then again i'm not shure who i'm praying for(i dont know your name,but dont take this as rude,you dont have to tell me your name if you dont want to)and yes i would like to know your full story,it sounds fascinating,oh my email is; oh also i agree totally with you about it bieng bulshit what the church says about sex bieng bad,they apaer to think that even though god created man and woman,to have sex,they think somehow the devil was involved in it,or that its a "sin"to have sex before 18,wich is total satanic bullcrap,god designed humans to reach sexual maturity,and thus to have sex,at puberty,if he had"intended"people to have sex at ieghteen,puberty would be at ieghteen,wich it isnt,,its,well for me i think it was 12,but gullible so called"christians(people who say they believe in christ but dont actually act like he said,who follow him with thier lips but not thier heart,out of all the churches the mormon one is probabbly the worst,because unlike the church of saten it hides its evil)oh and bill schneblen said that to become a satanic priest you have to first be a cathlic priest,anyway,when bill was a witch he met a cathlic priest who offered to make bill a cathlic priest,in exchange for bill making him a witch priest(shoking aint it?)oh and about a device a device to push negative energies away you may want to look into orgonite(usingORGONE energy,also called chi,prana,ether,etc),info about this technology is available on,they say it works by transmuting negative orgone(DOR)into positive orgone(OR),there are naysayers who will tell you its just a scam,but i built a chembuster(orgonite weather altering device,thier website has info on THAT on the page;goodbye chemtrails hello blue skies)and i have seen it work so i KNOW for shure that ORGONE exists and orgonite technology can alter or channel the orgone,also on tellevanglical shows they keep saying that psychic's and witches are the same thing,those superstitios people confuse psychic and demonic phenomena,(personally i believe,no KNOW that the whole human race is psychic,jesus himself said that if you tell a mountain to cast itself into the sea and shall not doubt but shall trully believe in his heart that what he saith shall come to pass,he shall have whatsoever he saith,and when its a penn moving instead of a mountain,those superstitious evangelists call it witchcraft(they dont even know what witchcraft IS)but an important point to make is some witches DO think they are psychic's,they believe that through witchcraft(using the power of demons to acomplish effects)they are"unlocking thier true potential),ive been wondering why telikenesis was so easy for me as a child and so nigh impossible now,i think i know now,its the state of mind they are in,i believe reaserchers call it theta or something like that,thats also,i think,the state of mind hypnosis is done in(because in thier state of mind,kids believe in santa clause)well i wish you well,goodby


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          My demons and Angels

          I agree with you. The only difficult thing for me to understand is how these spirits of mine could be demons, being that they hug me at night to comfort me in my agonies. Their hug is very beautiful and feels amazingly soft. They use the blanket as a filter so that I can feel their hugs. Amazing isn't it?
          The type of energy I was attempting to use is EMF's or electro-magnetic frequencies at a milli-gauss level. If I could continue my research, I would try the energy type you suggested, But I fear it might effect the positive spirits in a harmful way(even with my EMF's) if it were too high of a level. I am not sure though, but I do know any type of energy can be completely discharged. In other words, a spirit can be destroyed.


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            Hi, supercell.

            I have attempted to invent a device that will push these negative energies away permanently, but It angered the entities and they tortured me more,
            so I sent my research project to be finished by a parapsychologist in West Barnstable, Massachusetts.
            How do you approach developing a device to do that? What technology do you use?

            Could you provide the parapsychologist you sent it to for further development/ It might be interesting to learn more about this.

            As regarding to your problems, I'm sorry, but I don't understand much about spirits.


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              I would suggest you call a psychotherapist, or find out if there's a mental care facility in reach of you (assuming this isn't all a big gag, of course). There are great treatment facilities out there, and despite your claim that doctors are stumped, if you've gone to any at all, which I doubt, it's more probably that the symptoms described to them by you were nonsensical (at the very least from their perspective), which would explain their confusion.


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                I have to concur with Hoggworks.

                For much of the modern world, demons and spirits are remnants of a dark and superstitious past.

                Not to say there aren't many believers still, but from your posts you seem, well, disturbed.

                I think you should discuss your symptoms with a medical professional, or even a clergyman.

                Good luck to you, and I hope you get your life back in balance.


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                  You people are mistaken

                  My symptoms are not a sign of psychosis and I suggest you discontinue sending
                  me replies in regards to seeing a doctor, when all tests and medications that were tried were a failure. What happened to me cannot be explained by traditional psychology nor helped through therapy. Please do not continue discussion with me for you people are stubborn.


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                    Wait until your time comes

                    God is my witness and when your time comes to pass away, you will realize I was telling the truth.


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                      Please do not continue discussion with me for you people are stubborn.
                      You're the one that posted, desperately seeking help.

                      But it seems like you've already eliminated some of types of responses you might entertain, such as medical professionals and/or clergy.

                      In all seriousness, what are your general feelings on the type of response you want. Spiritual? Religious? Energy Healing? Exorcism? Prayer?

                      Some here might have some good advice. We just need an idea of what you don't wish to entertain.


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                        Originally posted by FastEddieB View Post
                        We just need an idea of what you don't wish to entertain.
                        It would also be nice if his default response wasn't to act like a jerk.


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                          Sounds like someone is trolling: Milligauss EMF device. PLEASE There is more of a magnetic field from a refrigerator magnet.


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                            I'm going to bump this thread because I have a similar problem and I really could use some help. from what I know this is something done from someone who is spiritually enlightened and/or telepathic.


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                              Originally posted by Anon View Post
                              I'm going to bump this thread because I have a similar problem and I really could use some help. from what I know this is something done from someone who is spiritually enlightened and/or telepathic.
                              Finding and hiring a good shaman is an option that I recommend for problems like that. If you need help using google to track one down, let me know and I'll see if my google-fu is strong enough to help.
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