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Damp Heat Injurying Yin and Qi

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  • Damp Heat Injurying Yin and Qi

    Hello, I am 17 years old, and depite stereotypes of teenagers my age, I am very interested in TCM and looking into studying it post-secondary.

    I notice a lot of people who live in my part of the world have mild to at times severe cases of Damp Heat. I myself suffer from it (symptoms such as acne and localized excema in the scalp). Due to humid conditions and rainy seasons it is very hard to expell dampness without injuring the Yin. I often try to eat many bitter greens, especially in the summer, but i find it creates a line in the center of my tongue, which i know is a Yin deffciancy. I have read that internal dampness is a Yin pathogen, so Dampness is a disease to Yin, you could put it, or Dampness takes the place of Yin. So the main technique to balance Damp Heat is to expell dampness, and tonify the Yin. Which I have tryed with minimum succses.

    I also have dots at the tip of my tongue, which to my knoledge is a Qi deffiancy, or stagnation in the heart, and the Left side of my tongue is swollen. Possibly for this reason the yin tonifing and expelling of dampness is not taking care of the Qi deffiancey, which is maymbe why that is not working for me. I have bad cuts around the sides of my tongue, which i think can be Liver Fire which may have injured the Spleen resulting in Damp Heat.

    Can someone with more knoledge than me help me to clarify matters, cause my knoledge so far is limited and a little confused. I mainly try to treat it with food therapy, and occasional TCM herbs but have not found much success.

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    Are the dots on your tongue red? If they are small and red they most likely indicated empty heat which would fit with a picture of yin deficiency. If the side of the tongue is swollen this usually indicates damp in the spleen (the shape of the sides of the tongue indicate spleen pathology, the colour of the sides indicates liver pathology). With this picture I would think that the cuts/soreness on your tongue indicate heat in the blood, particularly relating to the heart.

    In terms of diet I would cut down on the bitter foods and eat plenty of cooling foods. It seems to me that heat is the predominant factor (which will also makes damp worse as it can make yin and body fluids 'congeal'). Also cut down on coffee and alcohol and other heating substances as well as emotional stress. Acupuncture points such as large intestine 11 and heart 5 would be useful.

    Hope that helps a bit x


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      Thanks for getting back to me.... I do have small red dots on my tongue, so that would indicate empty heat, or maybe heat that is stagnant, because my hands and feet are often cold but my core is hot.. So your saying that i should cut down on the drying foods because maybe that is injuring the yin and infact making things worse, by creating more heat and by not having enough blood to circulate..

      I occasionally deveope a cut in the middle, but after a few days of eating fruits and vegetables it goes away.. however i do get some really bad film sometimes, so that is why im always trying to eat drying foods... i occasionally make some cinnomon tea now that its winter and i try to circulate, actually i used to drink this yang tea with cinnomon and licorice, and despite it beieng very pugnent which should make my tongue worse, it actually made it pink and took away the dots and helped reduce the film. So this is where i am confused, because i have damp heat but by eating cold sometimes makes me feel worse.


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        Damp-Heat is a combination of dampness and heat. In term of food anything Hot or Damp will make it worse.

        So, the main thing to do is eat less Damp foods (fatty and rich foods, dairy, sugar, bananas, pork) and less heating foods (strong alcohol, all spices including cinnamon, lamb etc)

        Instead, eating lots of veg, and a natural diet based around wholegrains will help.


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          In terms of diet, I would have to cut the bitter food and eat a lot of cooling products. It seems to me that heat is a major factor (which also makes it less wet, as this can make yin and body fluids "freeze"). In addition, reducing coffee and alcohol and other substances, heat and emotional stress.