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Liver Fire, Tinnitus, and Fear in the Solar Plexus

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  • Liver Fire, Tinnitus, and Fear in the Solar Plexus

    Dear all,
    I was recently diagnosed with Liver Heat by my TCM doctor. I am now on week 6 of my treatment with daily herbal decoctions.
    Could anyone offer some additional insight on the condition with the correct terminology as my doctor is not a native English speaker? I would appreciate any further explanation and/or hints and tips to speed along my recovery. The doctor says I responded well in the first week, but am now progressing a little bit more slowly as he is trying to reduce the tinnitus, which he says may be connected with the kidneys.

    Specifically, the most troublesome issue is the feeling of fear / tension distributed around my solar plexus. It flares up at the slightest stressor, or annoyance, and then settles down when I'm relaxed. I've had this symptoms for a few years now.

    Does anyone have any idea what this is?
    The tinnitus was aggravated I believe in January this year after receiving accupuncture from another doctor - as I understand it, acunpuncture can aggravate a liver condition like mine.
    The doctor explained to me that the liver heat was caused by stress, and that the sinus problem was due to low wei qi immunity as a result of a very poor sleeping pattern. He has advised me to reduce stress, avoid cold drinks and improve my sleeping pattern, which I am doing. He also said that I should wear long sleeves as my pores are open sometimes, and I can easily catch a cold this way.
    The first week's prescription (see below) did a marvellous job on my general sense of wellbeing and seemed to dispel the feeling of circulating heat in my body. A few weeks on now, and after a few changes in the herbal mix, the sinuses are much better too. The doc is still trying to reduce the tinnitus symptoms and mentioned something about adding something to treat the kidneys.
    A little bit of background:
    I first started having colds, sinus problems, fever and lethargy about 12 years ago.
    List of symptoms:
    1. Feeling of fear/fright/anger around the solar plexus (perhaps even liver area) - still present, especially in the morning - wake up with shallow breathing.
    2. Circulating heat - better now.
    3. Intermittent sinus congestion, accompanied by anxiety and chest pressure during exercise - better now.
    4. Frequent colds - still catching colds.
    5. Tinnitus - still present.
    6. Anxiety - better now.
    7. Occasional, mild dizzy turns - better now.
    8. Stomach upset that lasts for days after hard exercise - still present.
    9. Occasional mild headaches (a more recent issue) - better now.
    Initial Prescription (week 1) (don't know the changes for weeks 2 - 6)
    1. Chai Hu (Thorowax root)
    2. Bai Zu (Atractaloides Rhizome)
    3. Tian Ma (Gastrodium Rhizome)
    4. Sheng Jiang (Ginger)
    5. Da Zhao (Chinese Date)
    6. Zhi Gan Cao (Liquorice Root)
    7. Ci Shi (Magnetite)
    8. Bai Shao Yao (White Peony Root)
    9. Dai Zhe Shi (Hematite)
    10. Chao Mai Ya (Barley Sprout)
    11. Shi Chang Pu (Sweetflag Rhizome)
    12. Bai Zi Ren (Arbor-Vitae Seed)
    13. Zin Yi Hua (Magnolia Flower)
    14. Cang Er Zi (Cocklebur Fruit)
    15. Bo He (Peppermint)
    Many thanks in advance for any additional insights or hints/tips on how to speed my recovery, e.g., diet etc.