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Pericardium meridian of hand-jueyin

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  • Pericardium meridian of hand-jueyin

    Cyclical flowing and distribution

    The pericardium meridian originates from the chest. Emerging, it enters its pertaining organ, the pericardium. Then, it descends through the diaphragm to the abdomen, connecting successively with the upper, middle and lower energizers.

    A branch arising from the chest runs inside the chest, emerges from the costal region at a point 3 cun below the anterior axillary fold and ascends to the axilla. It further runs downward to the forearm between the two tendons and reaches the palm where it passes along the middle finger right down to its tip.

    Another branch arises from the palm and runs along the ring finger to its tip and links with the triple energizer meridian. (see Fig. 10)

    Associated viscera: Pericardium and triple energizer.

    More information: