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  • Help with sleeping problems

    Dear All,

    I was recently to London, just passing by, since I live in a tiny village in the south of Italy.

    I stopped by a TCM health care centre and it cought my attention, once back home I did some research on Internet to get further info about this interesting alternative method of healing, in Italy we are rather onld fashoned, and I did not hear from it since then.

    I am experiencing sleeping problems since years, and doctors have only prescribed me Diazepam based drugs or Melatonine or pills with the active principle of Tryptophan, but I was wondering if TCM can do something more effective and more natural to solve my problem.

    My problem in two lines is: It is reasonably easy to fell asleep but I really rarely reach deep sleep, as a consequence I am always very very tired at around 11.30 at nights I am literally dead. Also: while sleeping (or trying to) I realized I have muscled of my face (facial muscles) contracted, (imagine the same contraction that you would have in your eyes if you had to look towards the sun with no sunglasses) and I also experience contraction of my Sphincter ani internus muscle, they are all obvious signs of the fact that I am unbalanced, and subconsciously stressed, on top of lots of sport (I run and do yoga) I would be interested in knowing if TCM could help, and in which direction I could move, ideally I would get visited by a TCM doctor, also on this would be extremely helpful to have advices.

    In addition: I am sorry if I did put this ad on the wrong section or forum, if I did so please address me to the competent part of the forum and I will be happy to cancel the 3d and open it somewhere else.

    Many thanks for your replies,


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    producing sleeping positions, stress, and even pillow choice. Changing sleeping positions or purchasing a new pillow may be enough to prevent a morning headache for some people.


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      Ok, I've had night terrors for almost 5 years now. There were two things that helped me, although neither are linked directly to TCM. The first was meditation. When being able to calm myself and bring myself to a relaxed state either before sleep or after waking up from a terror it helped quite a lot. Second was lucid dreaming. I was able to teach myself to lucid dream and it is now rare that I will experience a full on night terror, as most times I am able to pull myself out of it.

      Chinese medicine sees insomnia as a symptom of an imbalance in either the fundamental substances of the body (Chi, Blood, Yin, Yang, Shen), or of the major organ systems (Lungs, Heart, Spleen, Liver, Kidneys). Insomnia most often results from imbalances of the Heart or Liver.
      This quote is from this website. I suggest going and talking to a TCM practitioner before taking anything for it, as some remedies may interact with your body in ways you can't know about - but a professional may.

      Hope that helps!


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        Energy Medicine

        Hopefully this one will help you out. Many people are not familiar with energy medicine. Although there are quite a few who are knowledgeable and actually practicing some fields of this kind of medicine but it has not reached the mainstream in terms of popularity. Energy medicine is a domain of alternative medicine.

        In order to balance the energy and correct the issues, you must first identify the issue you want to delete. Try to bring that problem into your midline. You undergo corrections through the 5 categories of corrections namely: emotional, mental, psychological, physical empathy and spiritual.

        Also included is the category of unknown or others wherein there are issues that do not fall under any of the 5 categories. You can do a shortcut of the method if you try to identify a number for that issues but still going through the 6 categories including the unknown. Try to delete all the associations with that number until you reach the point of neutrality or zero. Meaning you do not have any negative feelings or the issue is already gone, leaving you feeling better. To know more about this, just visit the site Energy Medicine
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          Without doing a full TCM/Hara diagnosis, it is impossible to give information that is discrete to this particular case. Here are a couple of things that might help.

          • Any Qigong exercise that focuses on Heart Governor meridian (such as Pressing Down in Calmness, from the Shibashi set)
          • Stimulating the acupoint (tsubo) Heart Governor 8 prior to sleep


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            A spiritual view of insomnia

            As one of the earlier posts say, one of the 5 causes is spiritual. I believe (as a 5 Element Acupuncturist, Kinesiologist, Reiki III, Professional Counselor and Energy Sensitive) that this element is often under recognized in being a major cause of insomnia.

            Combining my therapy training with my energy-sensitivity, I often noticed that patients with insomnia had a lot of negatively charged/heavy energy around their heads or over their hearts. Very often this energy surrounded them completely so the way to help them the most was to cleanse their energy field (you could call it the aura) of negative/heavy energy.

            Managing one's personal energy field ought to be part of one's ongoing health regime. Spiritually uplifting and en"light"ening practices help with this.