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Medicine information required please.

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  • Medicine information required please.

    Hi I recently tried TCM through a practioner out of desparation for a possible treatment or cure for my 16 month old son who suffers fro Aptomic Eczema.

    I was given the following medicines to try for a month. It has been exactly a week since I tried them out and they seem to be working.

    Just wondering what these medicines contain and if these medcines safe and if so are available to purchase at a pharmacy equivalant?


    Medicine 2.jpg

    Any help on the matter is greatly appreciated


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    Hi Grover,

    I don't know about a pharmacy, as they usually only carry items that are covered under insurance, and most TCM medicines and practitioners aren't. If you want to find them in-store somewhere I suggest a health food store, such as Planet Organic or something of the like. If you can't find them there I suggest going to an Asian market, or even contacting the practitioner you saw and asking where you can get more.

    I'm glad it worked for your son, that must be such a pain.


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      The first is easily googleable. The second, no idea.
      Here's a list for Fu fang Ban Lan gen Lu.
      Some of the ingredients are toxic.

      Another thing to be aware of is that chinese herbs aren't controlled by the FDA or other regulating bodies. It frequently is the case that they are adulterated with actual medicines, stuff like steroids, cortisol, valium and the like.


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        Miguel, do you really believe or trust the "approval" of the FDA meds.
        In what world are you living in?