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    I am having problems sleeping because I get very hungry during the night. My metabolism usually kicks in just after I wake to go to the toilette.

    I eat cereal before I go to bed and have started a corse of Omeprazol to irradiate the possibility of Acid Reflux but nothing seems to be helping. (I have tried eating 2 hours before bed also to cancel Acid Reflux)
    Alas, I am forced to eat twice throughout an average night but it takes me about an hour to get back to sleep after I have woken & consumed food! This has become very impractical..

    Can anyone offer any advice on how to remedy this?
    I am 212lb, 6ft 3in

    Many thanks in advance for your answers,

    All the best,

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    Try to avoid these drugs I guess then you can try with some naturalistic elements like teas or so.
    Maybe then your problem be solved or to try on other topics to find answers since here I don't see any updates so far.
    Good Luck!


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      To have a good sleeping habit, I practice meditation. This meditation is also effective to health and stress reduction.


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        As an Holistic Therapist, I feel that you might not be absorbing your nutrients correctly, which causes you then to feel hungry during the night. Do you have any digestive/elimination problems, or gas or anything that might indicate an imbalance in the gut?

        A mild gut rebalancing using natural beneficial gut bacteria might be enough to improve matters so that you can absorb the nutrients your body seems to be craving for.


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          Have you tried eating cottage cheese at night. It has casein protein which can keep you full longer and prevent you from going hungry at night. Many people find cottage cheese hard to eat, you can trying adding fruits like raspberry or blueberries to help with the taste. Hope that helps.


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            calms forte; that's the name of a homeopathic sleep aid. It works and each of the herbs in the formula aids sleep.


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              calms forte; that's the name of a homeopathic sleep aid. It works and each of the herbs in the formula aids sleep.


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                I get the same feeling almost a gnawing hunger at night, my accpuncturist recommended peppermint or Euchaliptist tea (I also have asthma and she said would work for that ) or a drop of high quality edible peppermint oil extract on my tounge at night (make sure it's food, edible quality). I have been drinking twinnings pure peppermint tea with just a tiny drop of raw honey and it seem to stp the gnawing and make me feel much better. Plus it's caffeine free so doesn't interfere with sleep. I ised to use the tea bags but now I Have the large package of the k-cup teas on auto-order on amazon and that's what I'm using . It's delis

                I also have different mints in my garden (peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint) and sometimes make fresh mint tea by pouring boiling water over it and letting steep. I had some amazing mint tea also my daughter brought home from Morrocco. But we ran out.


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                  yes I agree tea could help our metabolism especially before we sleep. avoid drinking coffee 4 hours before you sleep