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Is anyone familiar with Lightning Pearls by Classical Pearls? Is it a safe formula?

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  • Is anyone familiar with Lightning Pearls by Classical Pearls? Is it a safe formula?

    Hi all, I'm removing my story because I no longer want it up.
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    I'm sorry; I cannot offer advice on this herb you are talking about. But what I can say is that if I were in a very serious position, and I had tried everything that classical medicine could provide, I would search intensively for an alternative practitioner with an incredible track record of success, not just any accupuncturist or homepathic doctor. I hate to show you a video from "Ripley's Believe it or Not", but the below illustrates the level of healer I am trying to convey:

    Qigong Master Emits Heat From Hand 200+ degrees - YouTube

    While I think the latter part of that video (stepping on paper) is accomplished merely with an extremely refined sense of balance, and that Master Jo is tricking himself, the former part of the video (heating the rags) is something that can indeed by accomplished via paranormal means. We have a user on here who has been to a parapsychological laboratory and caused changes in physical apparatuses via psychic power. Master Jo just seems to have learned to very strongly control this ability and redirect it towards healing. It could also have been accomplished through mixing chemicals in the towel, but this is not the point; if you are looking for a cure, you cannot afford to be extremely skeptical of all options. Just do a lot of research on each option.

    If I was in some kind of very threatening medical situation this is what I would do, even if I had to travel to get it done; the travel costs might be offset by the possible cure and/or medical expenses I would pay otherwise. This is my best advice.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: On second thought, I would take Pollux's advice below and pursue other treatment options before trying what I talked about above. It all depends on how serious your case is. I do not know enough to tell, but what I can say is that if I were stricken with cancer, for example, and no treatment via conventional medicines had worked, I would try finding the kind of healer I described. Or some serious chronic condition.

    - Johann
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      Have your doctor check out your Thyroid.
      Tell him to take: fT3, fT4, TSH, antibodies (TPO) (TPOAb) -bloodtest

      Also have them checking out your ParaThyroids with a: PTH, calcium and phosphate-bloodtest.

      If they haven't done this already, insist on having it done.


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        No I do not know about any such test or treatments.


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          Sweetturnedsour have you looked into Lyme Disease?? I have it. Your symptoms are similar to mine. I can give you some more info if you are interested. I have been looking into Lightning pearls as a treatment option too.