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  • Considering study, need opinion

    I am new to this board. I am a registered nurse and have been so for over 25 years have worked in many areas including emergency room, crticsl care, ccu, recovery room, pediatric emergency room, trauma, occupational health, workers compensation and most recently (for past 12.years) as an RN case manager. I have had my share of personal health issues and have found alternative medicine really helps me, I HABE rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. I no longer work in the clinical cent ing instead I work for an insurance company as a consultant as a case love my job, but I think I'd also like to do something else.

    There is a school or integrative medicine in my area and I am considering enrolling to try to get my masters in Chinese medicine / accupuncture.

    I am 52.years old and don't have a lot of money saved for a start up business . I looked at average salaries for a new acupuncturist and they are lower than I make now as an RN case manager with my tenor

    I am wondering if anyone thinks there is a way I can combine my RN/case manager licensure and a Chinese medicine degree to open my own sort of practice or at least join one until I can save enough start up finds for my own business.

    I'd love to own and operate (or just work in for now) natural wellness center /spa that offers Chinese medicine and maybe work with other bodywork professionals such as massage therapists,c chiropractors, cranial sacral , Ayurvedic etc. I live in the state of Florida. I imagine a state like Califronia already has facilities like this but here in orlamdo we don't seem to,

    Question is at age 52 do you think it's worth the time and money it would take to go to Chinese medicine school and diverge from my current career so drastically ? Please be brutally honest. Am I too old to even consider taking on something like this ?

    If not, do you think there a place for RNs in alternative medicine and do you think another bodywork could be less time consuming and expensive to study ?

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    The very best book ever about making a career change is "What color is your parachute." Don't let the title fool you, this book has been a quiet best seller for 35 to 40 years. The book does have it's own web site. Please look over site and book carefully.
    The career change you have in mind seems awfully complex. Here are a few ideas about taking 1st steps. First, focus your Internet search. Here are 2 suggestions on refining your search; try these search words, Florida/holistic health/Registered Nurse (RN). The other is; Florida/Registered Nurse (RN)/Private Nurse/Holistic Health. Clearly, the 2nd suggestion is about finding people who can pay for a Personal Nurse.