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  • Ho Shou Wu

    I ordered it on ebay

    here is a link to the specific product:
    1lb China Herb He Shou Wu Powder Polygonum Blood Supply | eBay

    I can't make out if it's the prepared version of the plant or just the root itself grounded into powder

    since raging diarrhea is something that I would actually rather avoid, it would be nice to know this before putting it into my mouth

    from what I've heard on top of everything it's not possible to tell that by the color of the powder as well(yeah, this herb a real pain in tha ass)

    anyways, the seller's ebay page is not really clear on that - which of course leads me to believe that it's the diarrhea-powder
    and sadly (but not surprisingly) their customer-service are too much of ****ing morrons to be able to give a coherent and sensible answer even when they do get out of their human-filth way to bother and reply to my simple single-lined question

    I have no one to turn to, any help would be jubilantly accepted

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    Ho Shou Wu

    Hello Enyalius:

    I checked the eBay listing and it is does not give any detailed description of how the herb is prepared. This raises red flags for me.

    As you know, Ho Shou Wu is a very powerful laxative and should not be consumed on a regular basis. Also, it can be toxic to the liver if it is not processed correctly. Many providers of unprepared Ho Shou Wu are not aware of this.

    I consume this herb and purchase it from sources that I trust. One of my mentors, Ron Teeguarden offers this herb in a 10:1 concentration.
    You can read more about it here:
    Shou Wu Formulation - Dragon Herbs

    Also, Superman Herbs offers prepared Ho Shou Wu in the powdered root form in a 20:1 concentration. You can read more about it here:

    He Shou Wu Extract (aka Foti, Polygonum multiflorum) - Superman Herbs

    With these suppliers, I know I am getting a quality prepared herb in the right dosage.

    I hope this helps. Good Luck!