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Simple explanation of the survival of mind after death

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  • Simple explanation of the survival of mind after death

    The way the mind survives is thru the transmission of EEG signals from one
    persons neural material to another. There is a net of 10 or 15 people in this
    net. EEG is very similar to radio signals and can be detected as far away as
    100 feet. Presumably it can be echoed if someone is out of range. What this
    means is if a friend or family member dies, there is a linkage of all the neural
    material shared and borrowed by the deceased person. That person is then
    able to resume consciousness. As to what happens next is a very difficult
    puzzle and I imagine depends upon which religion one is affiliated with and
    what processes are used for final situatuation of the deceased person. But
    my point should be clearly taken. CONSCIOUSNESS CONTINUES!.
    I have fudged and simplified here but I am required to do this for my own
    spiritual safety. There are rules in the spirit world I must be careful not to
    I am anxious for any criticism of my submission but I believe my summary
    is complete and consistant. I am an information scientist so I have thought
    alot about these questions.