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I'll no longer post as "eveshi" on the internet

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  • I'll no longer post as "eveshi" on the internet

    I decided to no longer post as "eveshi" on the internet, as this constant stalking and fakery by MU!! gets really annoying.

    This, together with my post here, will be definitely my last post under the name "eveshi" on the internet.

    You can be sure that anyone posting under this nick on the internet (or under similar nicks like "_eveshi_", "eveshi.", etc.) in the future will not be me (even if he claims to be me and to have changed his opinion on this, or something like that). I will also not use any email accounts (or ICQ, MSN, Twitter, etc.) with that name.

    The same is true for the name "rammaq", which I also used occasionally in the past, and which got also abused several times by now.

    I'd also like to distance myself from the "eveshi" accounts on the following websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (possibly) (I cannot access this site, but I know that MU!! was posting there, so he might have faked me there as well)

    The email addresses eveshi @ tormail . org and eveshi @ gmx . com, as well as the twitter account , aren't from me either.

    All of these have most probably been created by MU!! (yes, this guy has a lot of free time! ) with the intention to "blacklist" my name (as he mostly posted offensive and sexually abusive stuff). They are definitely not from me.

    It is possible that he has impersonated me on further websites that I haven't found yet. So if you notice any offensive or "odd" comment by someone calling himself "eveshi" (or "rammaq") elsewhere, it isn't from me either (I'm aware that my posts about consciousness and emergence may also appear odd to some people , but I guess you know what I mean...).

    I will probably continue to participate on the forum under a new name, so this is not meant as a final farewell.

    @ Mods: Please don't delete this post. It is important for me that people know that I'm not the person writing all these abusive things. If you think that something is not ok about this post, please write me a PM, so that I can edit it out.

    Best wishes,

    (It is possible that I will edit this post a few times, but apart from that, I won't be posting anywhere as "eveshi" anymore.)

    edit: You can contact me on this RationalWiki page: I'll no longer use my account here (not even for PMs).
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    I totally understand why you're having to do this.