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    Originally posted by Talker View Post
    Hi Emily,
    I know of what you describe. While there can or will be many that give pro and con advice, on how to handle your situation, it is a learning curve.Try out some offered methods. No method offered, from any one is a sure thing. What works for one may be zilch for another. You, and only you can control and 'work' that which you find that does work, to any degree.There is basically, NO one size/method, that works for all/everyone. Trial and error by actually using a method to see how YOU react with it, and then modify and experiment in improving that method, that showed it to be working to any degree.
    I've listed some of my experiences and thoughts in my blog. Give a look and 'cherry pick it' for ideas to use.

    Now back to your questions. You need a 'working' Chakra routine. This, so you can open or close, involved Chakras. Where you focus your attention, real or imagined, will do that 'closing' off undesired energies causing entering and mingling with your energies. Without going into detail, you need to use, the head, the heart, and the gut, areas to filter out the 'mine or yours' energies. With a bit of experience, you'll find a process that will allow you to 'shut off' what you don't want, energy wise.
    Be Well

    # 49 Talkers Chakra Reality Talker On Health & Psychic Reality -
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    # 47 Talker with more on the Chakra’s Talker On Health & Psychic Reality -
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    "opening the ckakras"/-
    Thank you so much i'm gonna check out those links right now


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      new person


      I'm just new at this - trying to get some answers about why I have ghosts show up around me off and on throughout my life. I think I have a pretty active one in my current house- saw him appear in the basement when I was playing some Chopin. Prior to this, I'd heard a lot of noise when I was working up in the attic, so I asked whoever it was to leave the space - it was where I work. My though is he went to the basement. I tried some sage and holy water, and things quieted down for a while, but they're getting noisier again.

      Any ideas, suggestions? I have seen ghosts off and on since I was a child, and now they don't scare me like they used to, I have seen ones my daughters have also seen, so I'm not crazy. I just don't know what to do about them - ask them what they want?


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        New and interested

        I've always had a natural psi ability; problem is from energy workers I've met they say it's backwards. I've tried putting my hands on a hurt animal and use the abilities i already posess (they're limited and only a benefit to myself). But rather than having a soothing reaction, the animal seems like it's starting to panick. Other people who try this don't get a reaction but mine is specifically as if I send pain. The energy worker I talked to says I pull. I don't really know what that means but he says I'm kind of like a magnet and it's something Neither of us could figure out. I'm good with people though and for some reason can understand people's emotions well and just lots of things... I have a good grip (not that good but like a good beginner's) on energy.

        I've heard in a few places of people like me that have a bad effect but I've also heard people like me can try to reverse the effect they have and in result have the ability to be good healers. I've always had the need to care for people and when I came across the word healer it felt like it was something I should do. The word felt like it fit my destiny (sorry it's kind of corny).

        Anyways, i came across this site and am now introducing myself, you can call me Lauren. I'm very interested in being a healer and am wondering where I should start and how I could become professional on that sort of thing.

        Sorry for my not knowing good terms and a long intro. But Hello.


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          Things have happened to me I can't explaine

          For years things have happened and I had to answer as to why, I still don't know?
          The standard thing with knowing who would call you before the phone rang has always happened to me. My late husband would buy me a gift and it would still be in the car and I would be able to tell him what he bought. I also confronted him one day while he was dressing for work on the sheriff's department and said " you have been talking to a woman on the phone at work, I don't know if you have been with her yet but you will". I did not know where the words came from until after I spoke them. He denied it twice and then admitted it. Months later I ask him to move out but I have no reason at that time ?? A month later I found out he had been seeing the same woman.
          Mrs Craft works in Walmart and i would chat with her all the time. One day I told her I smelled roses "in my head" not in the area around me.I ask her if anyone ever gave her roses and she said one of her three grand sons used to always bring her flowers from the yard, the three boys died in a trailer fire, she said.
          One day i was talking with her and I said " is it your birthday or someone around you' she said that month was the birthday of her grand sons who died, their birthdays were days apart.
          My exhusband died about 5 years after he married the woman he had cheated with and with in three days of his passing, things started happening. He and I knew each other 11 yrs before we married and we were married 11 1/2 years. he played music all of his life, I sang with him sometimes in his band. I was walking past my fridge one day(3 days after his death) and a plastic music not magnet popped off the fridge. I didn't think much of it, just picked it up and places it back on the fridge. I wasled away about two steps and it hit the floor again, further out. I picked it up, tested it on the fridge, making sure there was nothing wrong with the magnet and placed it back on the fridge. A third time i stepped away, click, the magnet hit the floor again, further away. This time I realized Marvin was there letting me know he was still watching out for me.
          Then my brother died at 44, he and I really didn't get along much. He was 12 years younger than me and had his problems. I was sitting in my chair in the livingroom and the door bell rang. That may not sound strange but the door bell had been broken for a very long time. I go up and check to see if anyone was outside, no one was there. I sat back down in the chair and the bell rang again. I got up whet out side, checked the door bell and made sure it was still broke. I knew for sure it was broken because there was only two wires sticking out of the wall, no buzzer. As I walked back in the house, something told me to say " Ok Todd, just come in, you don't have to stay out there" and the bell has NEVER rang again.
          I have more experiances and some as late as yesterday and today.
          I guess I am trying to find out if these things happen to others like me? I am not a Nut case. I majored in criminal justice and I have self taught in subjects such as genetics, intersexed people, mutations and cromazones. I guess I am just looking for support in my question as to weather I am contacting with those who have crossed over and If I am, how do I do it all the time? I would love to help otheres if this is a true ability? Dyan


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            1. Hey im Kyro, im from england, im 18 years old, i go to college & work part time

            2. for a few months now i have been having precognition dreams....atleast i think thats what its called, its started off with small stuff such as dreaming that i watching a certain episode of the simpsons for example, then a few days or weeks later that episode i dreamt about would be on tv, i have noticed that my dreams can differ from reality of example locations, times etc can be different, but a month ago i dreamt that my best mates car got hit by a white car, a week later it happen & its got me kind of freaked

            3. my understanding of how precognitions work

            4. i dont know how to develop it

            5. look around you, anything is possible

            6. just stuff that i dream coming true, its more scary than interesting though


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              hi im fed
              my friend think this is nuts but i dont
              i know for a fact ive felt energy and ive made psi balls i make then everyday its fun
              1 freind belives me
              i would like to learn the art of energy manipulation


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                I'm not exactly new here. I was hanging out here a couple of years ago, but apparently never introduced myself formally. Anyway I got a really cool e-mail message from Jacob yesterday, and I was so glad, cause I had lost my link and forgot the URL. Thanks Jacob. That was very helpful.

                Anyway I love to answer questions so here goes with my intro.

                If you're interested in developing psi abilities, please describe:
                1. some general info on yourself, if possible.

                I am a 48 year old wife and mother, I have a small mundane weekend business, and I am a trained deliverance minister (exorcist.) The pentacostal denomination I belonged to, no longer recognizes our type of ministry, but I trained for about four years. Practice when someone asks for help, plus for my own personal needs. Since then, I have broadened my perspective considerably, and that too was part of my training. WE were constantly learning, and trained to learn as we experienced, to research each case, and add anything we found along the way to our base of knowledge. Generally the main thing I have learned is tolerance and openness. I no longer see a need to cast things out unless they are doing obvious harm, and can't be stopped any other way. I am open to the spiritual side of many religions other than Christianity... and I have studied Christian Gnosticism quite a bit.

                2. What you can do?

                Channel (light trance medium)... Exorcism when necessary... I see entities... I have visions. I have always seen entities, and visions of people's psychlogical content. Occasionlly I hear their thoughts in words. That is why I was chosen to be trained as a deliverance minister.

                I have a spirit companion. Gary can channel through me for extended periods of time. He loves to write novels and short stories. I just zone out and let him type. He's a very good writer. Most people with any psychic abilities at all can see him. Even people who are not psychic sense him.

                He's also really powerful in emergencies. One time when I was driving, he thought I was going to pull out in front of a car. I sort of blanked out for a second and a second later, my leg was just locked down on the brake, and the car had just jerked to a stop. My whole body was just tense and stiff. I couldn't even move for a few seconds because every joint in my body was just locked.

                My daughter was just in utter shock. She said that when I slammed on brakes, an arm reached from behind her, and grabbed her so that she couldn't slide forward, or move at all. At first she thought it was my arm, but then she saw both my hands on the steering wheel. She looked down and saw a man's forearm across her. She couldn't move till Gary let her go, which was almost a full minute later. Right after he let her go, he patted her on the shoulder. Apparently Gary had channeled through me to lock the brakes, and stiffen me so I wouldn't slide forward, and then very quickly he had shifted to the back seat where he held my baby in place in the car seat, and also grabbed my oldest to keep her from bumping her head. Anyway it was cool. LOL

                He only does stuff like that in emergencies. He's really against being used for parlor tricks.

                3. What you want to develop?

                Sometimes I'd like to be able to control my abilities better, and I'd like to be more accurate. Most of all, I'd like to understand more about how abilities work, and why...

                4. How you develop your abilities, etc.

                I was born this way, and I could not stop if I tried. I've been seeing stuff since I was in the crib. I research and study to understand it better. I do ground occasionally, but not as often as I should. I sometimes make psi balls, but I don't do that as often as I should either. The main thing my teacher taught me, is to be fearless when it comes to entities. I find that helps more than anything else. It's hard not to jump when something 'jumps out at you' but if you want to be an exorcist that is the first thing you have to learn, and the most important skill of all.

                5. What do you believe is possible

                I don't think there is anything tht is not possible.

                6. If you witnessed anything interesting, might be a good read as well.

                I've seen a lot of stuff.

                One time one of my deliverance team members said she was attacked by an astral dog. Another one of my team members saw it and thought it was very odd. It just ran up and bit her. We looked and there were welts in the shape of a bite on her side.

                One night I was praying about a certain family that needed deliverance. Suddenly a twelve inch hard plastic horse came flying off the TV set and nearly missed my head. It landed on the floor with such force that it broke one of the horse's ears off. The oddest thing was, that the horse had been sitting behind two picture frames, an 8x10 and a 5x7 and neither one of these was moved.

                Another time I was on the phone, and my cat... the only other living being in the house was on my lap. We were in the back part of the house. I was talking to someone from the family I mentioned before. Suddenly I heard a huge crash in the front room. I ran in and found my crystal candy dish on the floor about 10 feet from where it normally sat, and there were peppermint candies all over the floor between where it was, and where it had moved to. The dish was not broken... which was odd, considering many of the candies were shattered, but the dish obviously hit the wal with a lot of force, judging from the sound.

                I once investigated a case where the family complained that things were getting moved in their kitchen. The most bizzare claim was that once she came home from shopping, and the kitchen chairs were on top of the kitchen table, and the floor freshly swept. She also complained that when they left silverware out, especially knives, the spirits put them in the sink for them. Fruther they re-arranged the shoes in her closets. Cleaning Ghosts!!! Believe me, it was hard not to want to take those ghosts home with me. LOL

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                  Random Introduction

                  Hi all, I'm newbie Random. This is quite an interesting site. I look forward to hearing about experiences here, giving and getting opinions and learning.

                  1. some general info on yourself, if possible.
                  I'm a native Californian,a member of what TPTB referred to as a "Miwok Indian tribe" residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a sixties bluesrock musician and have studied the edges of physical sciences - astronautics, energy-matter theory, lasers, relativity, and the "paranormal"- psi, spirits, ufos, orbs, since I was a young child.

                  2. What you can do?
                  When I was in my teen years, I noticed I could read people quite well (emotional vibrations), communicate with animals, and felt as one with nature- Gaia, especially in a forest environment. I learned to track, to walk through brush without leaving traces or making any sounds.

                  3. What you want to develop?
                  Psychic defenses. I would develop my psi/soul shielding so that that I could better defend against evil spirits and tricksters posing as friends and loved ones. Strong faith is a great, but psi can be developed and strengthened. I would also shield against remote mind access and controlling influences, such as learned by remote viewers.

                  4. How you develop your abilities, etc.
                  In my teen years I also used hallicinogens, so whether my consciousness being expended led to my gifts, or whether I was what TPTB refer to a "man of power" or medicine man", I'm not sure-maybe both or neither.

                  5. What do you believe is possible
                  I believe we all share the same spirit and the same consciousness, and hope to help find the link between mind and spirit, just as chi is the link between mind and body.
                  6. If you witnessed anything interesting, might be a good read as well.
                  3 things-
                  1. In the local mountains I witnessed a big red hawk attacking another bird. Being a young teen, and with the arm of a baseball pitcher, I impulsively picked up a rock and threw it at the hawk about 150 feet in the air. Suprisingly to me, I hit the hawk and knocked him out of the sky, unconscious. Examining the unconscious hawk, I felt very bad, and was quite glad when my prodding woke him and he flew away, apparently unhurt permanently.
                  2. I have encountered the spirit of close friend that passed, and I had found his body. Just as others have reported- I was very upset and his spirit told me he was all right which consoled me. I did not "see" him with my eyes or hear his voice, but he was there. Noone could convince me otherwise.
                  3. I was driving along the freeway when I noticed a strange Fortean event in the sky far above and in front of me. Suddenly a huge amount of what appeared to be bright, almost-glowing royal-blue colored dirt or powder was being dumped from something unseen. At the distance of maybe 1k meters, it would have taken a pickup truck full of powder or dirt to make this event.


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                    Originally posted by jacob View Post
                    Just another thread where you introduce yourself.

                    If you're interested in developing psi abilities, please describe:
                    1. some general info on yourself, if possible.
                    2. What you can do?
                    3. What you want to develop?
                    4. How you develop your abilities, etc.
                    5. What do you believe is possible
                    6. If you witnessed anything interesting, might be a good read as well.
                    Hi everyone, newbie here so I will take some time reading through...but, I will try to introduce myself without faulting on the forum guidelines:

                    I am an author, a Filmmaker by profession, and an explorer of self by passion.

                    My main line of current research is in how can we access and alter processes that take place in our brain - without external intervention (such as instruments and/or any mind-altering substance).

                    I have a link under my profile, so I invite you to visit my site and consider reading my book. I will be more than happy to discuss it on this forum with you. Keep in mind that the processes and experiments that I describe have little to do with any belief system; instead, they are rather perspectives into our natural functionality and potential as living creatures.

                    This second question is very general.. What can I do? For starters, I can access how my brain works. This of course, is fascinating work-and-study in progress. It is possible for people to learn how to use their brain much more than generally assumed, for instance, addiction can be altered/prevented with ease, creativity can be triggered without any external help or by any means of mental effort, endocrine reactions can be controlled (to certain degrees), and years of various energy-enhancing techniques could be "compressed" into minutes of natural functioning. There is a fantastic potential waiting to be explored by functional use, rather than by contemplative and interpretative comprehension.

                    As per the rest of the questions...I will stop here, I will write another book answering and I would not want to abuse anyone's time and patience.

                    Thanks for having me and I look forward to some interesting reading and sharing of ideas.

                    HB (Danjya)


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                      1. some general info on yourself, if possible.
                      Hey there, my name is Nathan, I'm a blogger living in Poland and an energy worker, studying library science at University and listening to AC/DC. I run a blog about psychic development - A State of Mind.

                      2. What you can do?
                      Different sort of things, I sense and work with energy, I do psychic readings, I'm also an empath capable of sensing people emotions and auras.

                      3. What you want to develop?
                      Nothing in particular, I develop skills as I go through my life .

                      4. How you develop your abilities, etc.
                      Mainly through energy work and practise and other small techniques I'm discussing on my blog.

                      5. What do you believe is possible
                      For everyone to develop psychic abilities.

                      6. If you witnessed anything interesting, might be a good read as well.
                      Saw few spirits with my eyes, sensed a lot more spirits, being throw onto a wall by my personal poltergeist, had many precognitive dreams and thoughts - does it count?

                      I'm looking forward for some discussion.


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                        Hi everyone

                        Hello everyone:
                        I have been interested in Consciousness, paranormal phenomena, and alternative healing for many decades, and this seems like the perfect forum for me! While living in Boulder, Colorado, I practiced healing, psychic reading, Huna, and RV. I'm looking forward to exchanging ideas with fellow forum members, expecially about Mind-Matter interaction, Consciousness enchancing techniques, and remote viewing.



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                          Hey my names luke, I'm 16 years old, I have type one bipolar and Asperger syndrom, though a milder case in the ackwardness . I feel connected to peoples emotion at times. I also have feel for my inner energy, as i can get rid of headaches by will, also I take martial arts, so that helps alot in this case.


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                            1) My name is Kendra, I'm 21 years old and am currently a waitress.
                            2) I can see, hear, and feel spirits. I also have some precog abilities, things like knowing when a family member is in trouble or that the phone is going to ring...freaks my parents out really bad. I've told my parents about people i've never met and never seen in person, i've predicted the deaths of several family members and a natural disaster.
                            3) I want to be able to block the spirits out when i need to, i don't like hanging out with friends and their dead grandfather or something is hovering around wanting me to tell them something, or they want help of some sort...sleep is an important thing and i don't get a lot of it.
                            4) i've done nothing to develope them, they simply are. I've always been able to do it, it just got worse after my grandfather died when i was 7.
                            5)what do i believe is possible? at this point darn near anything.
                            6)i've witnessed a aray of paranormal activity my entire life, lights going on and off, doors slaming with no wind, voices and footsteps, my name being called even chains rattling when i'm the only one in the house. i've seen things be moved and i've had things like my keys or my cellphone disappear and then reappear exactly where i know i had left them. i find coins and even flowers in places that i've just cleaned. i've stopped taking photos becaause strange things appear in them, black, white, or blurred spots, lights and streaks that there is no explanation for.


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                              Originally posted by jacob View Post
                              Just another thread where you introduce yourself.

                              If you're interested in developing psi abilities, please describe:
                              1. some general info on yourself, if possible.
                              2. What you can do?
                              3. What you want to develop?
                              4. How you develop your abilities, etc.
                              5. What do you believe is possible
                              6. If you witnessed anything interesting, might be a good read as well.

                              Hi all I am a guy trying to work out this energy stuff I am 40 and got a new energy awareness about 7 months ago an am still trying to understand it

                              I see auras around people.
                              can feel energy (peoples auras) and objects with my hands at a distance.

                              can feel peoples external energy haze thing cut my body.

                              i think my third eye thing might be open.

                              what is possible? healing-movement of objects. linking with others via their external energy fields might be possible.

                              I am fairly confused I dont understand any of it i was hoping to find people like me. i only know a few things from playing with it

                              I would like to understand it and learn to use it somehow.


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                                Greetings from the Midwest!

                                I just found this forum today and I am still trying to find my way around. I'm from the Midwest, USA. My interests include Reiki, NDE's & OBE's, levels of consciousness, as well as everything else! My past experiences have led me on a journey to learn all I can. I cannot talk to my husband about such things, and when I've tried to share this energy with him he can feel it but asks me to stop. It really creeps him out.
                                I am also very interested in meeting others(dead or alive) in dreams and talk with anyone has done this. My fascination with dreams has led my to my current occupation of conducting sleep studies, before that I worked in construction.
                                Thank-you for the opportunity to talk about this stuff!