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    Seeker of the truth

    Ok i know a very dramatic title but this is me :-)

    I am studying meditation for quite some time, practicing it also. It was due to meditation i got the highest ranked in my school days.

    It was due to meditation i got 6 cm increase in my height in 2 months.

    Trust me, our mind can do a lot more then we can imagine. I will be sharing my methods to get free from the limitations imposed on us. Remember, our mind has accepted for years that we are living in a tightly physically boundaries, and there are few times in your meditation that you actually escape these barriers, and this is where the impact shows. Like it did to me.

    See you guys here and on my blog


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      Hi there,
      my name is Fanny and this is my first visit to this site. I came looking for a serious forum where I could share my experiences, listen to other people's thoughts and ideas, and hopefully get some insightful input from others with similar ideas.

      A part of me has always felt the other parts of life and the world, the ones that modern physics can't explain. My experiences are diverse, from controlled telepathy (as practiced with a friend a couple of years ago) to encounters with non-human beings (that I guess most people would describe as spirits or ghosts) and dreaming the future.

      I am also here to keep a sort of public diary of my own development. For years I have longed for something other than haphazard experiences, I want to expand my knowledge and perhaps some day learn to control my own abilities. Now I could wait and wait and wait... or I can start doing something about it. Like practicing. Keeping a diary. Hopefully starting to see progress. And I really hope I have your support!


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        Hello, I'm Crimsonvalvet. I am David in real life, but no more information after that about me :P Information that is specific at any rate.

        1. I come from a Christian family. Yes, it is a bit eccentric for a Christian to be involved in Parapsychology and PSI practice, for the basis of those stated and Christianity differ fundamentally. But I believe PSI is something God gave us to use, and I intend to use it to the fullest.
        2. PSI ball is a piece of cake for me; i make it all of the time without having to concentrate greatly.
        3. If I can I want to be more telekinetic, if possible. Also achieve Astral Body, and thermal control.
        4. I am very ... into PSI. I practice everyday and I use it to regenerate my energy. Works for few hours of energy but for some reason, I get more appetite afterwards...
        5. Anything. I believe PSI can be used to heal people, hurt people, or do random stuff like juggling if one is good enough.
        6. I have taught some of my friends how to make basic PSI ball and have been able to exchange the PSI ball with them. A bit hard but still was able to. So I believe that PSI is not just a random delusion that one has, because I felt PSI ball of another human being.

        There, that's just about it. I hope to make good aquanintences with you. And I do hope that none of you are frauds. I'll be able to know that from what you say though. And I think this forum is actually fine. :3


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          Hi, I am looking for an inspiration in spiritual things. It is very interesting for me.


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            Originally posted by Lumpino View Post
            Hi, I am looking for an inspiration in spiritual things. It is very interesting for me.
            I have a web site on spiritual development you might find interesting...

            Spiritual Development


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              Hello, Im Stephen from san diego, california. I'm into the paranormal. I've seen several Ghosts/spirits and have communicated with them at times. I've used clairvoyance, clairscentience (sp) and have actually heard a ghost speak to me in my physical ear (very trippy and unnerving btw). I've had many readings with psychics. All of whom were very skilled at what they did. I think i've only run into 2 duds out of the 30 plus readings that i've had. I'm facinated with NDE's and just discovered the existance of SDE's, where a living person sees what the dieing person does ie life review. I like to watch celebrity ghost stories as well as beyond and back on the BIO channel. I'd like to expand any of the skills that I have. I'd like to learn telekenisis so that I could trip my friends out but mostly I'd like to learn hands on healing and help heal peoples illnesses, that would be really kool!


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                Hello everybody, I'm Mackenzie and I come from the lovely city of Toronto, Canada! I'm a film student and I also play bass and am in love with punk music and travelling. I've been able to sense human energies around me my whole life, and I'm just starting to do a bit of research into it and see if I can harness it and make it stronger. I believe it because I feel it and I think anything is possible


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                  Originally posted by sreeja View Post
                  Hello all
                  I am new here.I am sreeja.I am from India.Nice to meet you all.This forum about sildenafil citrate looks so interesting.Hope i can enjoy stay.My friend told me about this forum.
                  I also new in this forum.My name is Rother senden.I am Psychology student.Here to learn tips and share experience.
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                    Hi you can call me Kal El

                    I found about 1 or 2 years ago that I involuntarily transmit my thoughts (involuntary telepathy)... I wan´t to be able to control it, turn it on and off... I also interested in psychokinesis/telekinesis, I feel energy in my body I hope is psychokinesis/telekinesis, I wan´t to explore that...


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                      Hi Peacoat! Love Canada, I´m moving there in the next 6 months.


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                        Hi Mia! You can talk to me.


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                          Originally posted by kalel View Post
                          I found about 1 or 2 years ago that I involuntarily transmit my thoughts (involuntary telepathy)... I wan´t to be able to control it, turn it on and off... I also interested in psychokinesis/telekinesis, I feel energy in my body I hope is psychokinesis/telekinesis, I wan´t to explore that...
                          Hi Kalel,

                          If you are able to influence people by transmitting your thoughts, you should think carefully about how to use that ability ethically. Maybe you already do, but just be aware that everything you do has consequences for yourself. Good actions have good consequences, bad actions have bad consequences. Also, you still have to be careful about trying to help people with this ability. Sometimes people need to learn from their mistakes and everyone has to live their own life.

                          You might find these links helpful:

                          What to do if You Start Developing Psychic Abilities

                          If you want to develop psychokinesis, you can try using a psi wheel. Most people can cause it to turn just by placing their hand near it without touching it. Some people can cause it to turn just with their mind alone.
                          Using a Psi Wheel to Practice Spiritual Healing.

                          The energy you feel in your body may be healing energy:

                          Here is a practice to develop the ability to feel the qualities of the healing energy with your hands and to practice bringing the energy through you to heal others:
                          A Synthesis of Spiritual Healing and Qi Gong
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                            General Info:
                            Hi all. My name is Walt. I am just an ordinary guy who has had a very unordinary experience.

                            What Can I do:
                            On 3 separate occasions I have seen future events in precise, clear, and focused detail. I did not see anything in my mind, but rather outside of it. All of a sudden a movie began to play in front of me about 6 feet ahead and about 8 feet up. Like watching picture-in-picture on your tv; I could still see my surroundings but also the movie playing. Each scene lasted about 15 seconds and was no more than about 1 to 2 minutes into the future. The events played out exactly as shown roughly within the 2 minutes. The experiences themselves were very enjoyable but the content was very mundane. I can give a lot more information if anyone is interested. One last detail - I could easily have changed how things played out if I wanted to.

                            What I want to develop:
                            I would love to have these experiences again. I have tried for years but cannot get more movies to play. Recently I have been feeling an irresistible urge to investigate this and do something to get it working again. I am highly motivated.
                            Is there anyone here who has had this experience? I would really appreciate your support, experience, and guidance.

                            Develop abilities:
                            - I have started studying self-hypnosis. It is slow going but I am really enjoying the experience and hope to get better at it. I can see a lot of potential in it to train my unconscious to do anything I like.
                            - I have just found and started reading The Book Of Storms.
                            - Reading all the relevant forums I can.

                            What do you believe is possible?
                            I believe everyone can do what I did. I hope some day to be able to figure out how to do it regularly and teach others to do the same. No better proof than being able to do it yourself.

                            Witnessed anything interesting?
                            Long ago I met a fellow who told me he was a practicing psychic. As we were talking he all of a sudden stared up towards the ceiling for a few seconds like he was looking at something and said "Oh no, I'm late, I have to go", or something like that. Looking back now it seems he was getting a movie of his own.

                            I am really hoping for someone with this experience to help me get going in the right direction - Thanks.


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                              Originally posted by ugazzovision View Post
                              General Info:
                              Hi all. My name is Walt. I am just an ordinary guy who has had a very unordinary experience.

                              What Can I do:
                              On 3 separate occasions I have seen future events in precise, clear, and focused detail.
                              Hi Walt,

                              Since this is an introductions thread, I replied here: Precognitive Movies in the Psychic Support Forum, which I prefer because it is a moderated forum.

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                                Hello, I'm Marlana

                                I have a Masters in Social Work, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and am a Certified Theta Healing Practitioner and I've been working in private practice for over 20 years. I currently work over the phone and internet, no longer in an office.

                                I used to be the traditional psychotherapist, licenses and all. I gradually begun to realize that I was getting information about my clients before they gave it to me in various ways. Sometimes I would hear it in my head int he form of words, sometimes I would see them dressed a certain way and that gave me information about their lifestyle or occupation. Sometimes I would have emotions or physical sensations that would come on suddenly or leave with them as they left my office. To say the least, these events where very confusing to me.

                                Over time, I finally figured out that I was a very strong empath. A co-worker recognized my description of one session where I could barely keep my eyes open, then learned that the client had taken some allergy medication that had made him very drowsy. I began re-watching Star Trek Next Generation's Counselor Troi to make sense of what was going on with me.

                                Eventually, I understood that I had some natural abilities for energy work and healing. So, I took som e classes and soon learned how to handle all the "chaos" I had come to experience as stuff to try to keep stuffed down. I was exhausted quite a bit of the time just trying to control it all.

                                Now, I am at peace and actually love my empathic and intuitve abilities and have learned how to use them to help myself and to help others understand themselves more deeply.

                                What can I do: I am an empath. I have all the claire senses up and running to some degree. I am very intuitive. I have a general ability to do some mediumship, and medicual intuitive work. I also do energy work known as Theta Healing.

                                What abilities do I want to develop:
                                I would like to get stronger in the "typical psychic" kinds of areas. I think that would be call precognition. For example someone could ask me "Am I going to get married in the next two years?" I would be able to answer with a sense of confidence.

                                What do I believe:
                                I don't believe we can "tell the future", yet there are so many psychics that do just that, and I don't think they can all be "fakes". So, I have some room for discussion here. So much more, but I'll save that for posting on the forum.
                                Hello Everyone!