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Walk in soul, developing healing abilities?

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  • Walk in soul, developing healing abilities?

    Hello! This is my first post.

    Here’s a short version of my story.

    I walked into this life, this body in 2002. I am a walk in soul. The transfer was quite traumatic, but blissful. I describe my walk in experience here: It was completely conscious, however I have amnesia from before the transfer…I don’t know where I’m from, and my mission isn’t completely clear.

    For 3 months I was in a heightened psychic state. I had precognition, telekinesis, it was very unclear what were my thoughts and what were others’ thoughts. What I found really difficult to handle was the immense energy. I had people acting “drunk” around me, saying odd things, doing odd things… and I knew it was because of the energy. So, over time I have blocked it. I didn’t know what to do with it and it was drawing attention to me so I blocked it.

    Time went on and I tried to function as normal. I eventually found out about walk ins and instantly knew that was what had happened, but I didn’t know how to move on. Since then I have had problems with depression, anxiety, memory, brain fog, immune system weakness, allergies, fatigue, respiratory issues…etc, etc. I am just now coming to the conclusion that my issues are because I have blocked energy so well, that I have also blocked some energy flow that is vital to my health and wellbeing.

    In August of this year something changed. I was watching a movie, one that I have already seen even, and it catalyzed and accelerated my journey back to wholeness. At least that’s what I think is happening.

    Since then I have been talking openly to a few friends about being a walk in soul. I never talked about it before. If I did, it was only to therapists. Also, I met someone in October who I have some karmic connection to. Not sure if he will be a permanent partner, but he has reignited my sexuality. I don’t see him often since he lives 3 hours away so for the first time ever I asked to be in an open relationship. I have always been more of a serial monogamist. I met another someone who also challenges me. So now I am putting less pressure on myself to “find the right one” and just enjoy being with who I’m with.

    In November I quit listening to and watching the news. I’ve always been a news junkie, and now I just can’t do it. It makes me physically ill and my brain shuts off.

    In December I decided to start looking for more specific spiritual help, because things seemed to be changing in me. I found a lady named Yvonne Perry and saw her on December 19th. She uses light language to help people activate. She cleared a blockage in my solar plexus. Very talented practitioner. I feel a connection with her. One thing she said was that I am a “awakening practitioner.”

    Also in late December a Moldavite stone came back into my life and I learned about its amazing spiritual properties. It has the ability to accelerate spiritual change, and to help discover/reveal your mission. I am very sensitive and can only wear it for a day before I have to take a break. It is working for me! It works by holding a very high energy, and it has been helping me one step at a time. Very slowly, but I prefer that to the chaotic overwhelming experience I had when I walked in.

    About being an “awakening practitioner”… that is why I joined your forums. I believe her because of all the immense energy I had when I walked in in 2002 that I squelched. So my goal is to learn how to handle it and maybe it will come back. I have learned that if I don’t, I will just get sicker and sicker and I want to heal. I want to heal myself and then others.