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OBEs through Sleep Paralysis

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  • OBEs through Sleep Paralysis

    During sleep paralysis we may have a feeling that the bed is vibrating as if a cell phone. Sleep paralysis is the sign yhat the etheric body is really bound to leave and it is out of coincidence but still clung to the physical body and then one starts to perceive noises that can seem incredibly loud which terrorizes the novice. No matter how loud the noises appear to be, there is no record indicating that someone has exploded. The hissing only shows that energy is being released and time is approaching to attempt a complete separation. But while vibrations are on it is definitely not advisable to try a separation. Let the vibrations calm down and the noises stop and then you may try rotation, sinking the twinbody down the bed, wiggering missing limbs which we call salvaging missing limbs and so on. Now you know that sleep paralysis is voluntarily induced. Practitioners learned how to use sleep paralysis into projecting the energy body out of yhe physical body. Get familiar to the noises to the vibrational states to a myriad of other frightening things and you will succeed into out of the body experiences also called astral projection. If i have reliable info on sleep paralysis ,if i have any clearance or knowledge on this issue, i can only relate to my own experience so it is not a universal truth. Although i admit that the mentioned knowledge has enabled me delve into secret aspects of my existence unveiling important info that has contributed to my understanding. I mean i've always tried to stick to practicalities relating psi abilities. Making it clear that unless the experience can be validated i'd better dismiss it from the public knowledge for lack of proof. Otherwise since it is corroborated by other facts and witnessed by third parties i dare post them. My idea is that i won't be confounded if a so called sceptic appears to debunk the whole experience. I will remain poised and keep confidence myself.But what does it have to do to sleep paralysis?The sleep paralysis is a temporary condition of the mind. It loses control of the body movements leading the experiencer to fall into a wide range of emotional most unsettling states from being simply scared, frightened to feeling totally horrified, petrified. That's when imagination begins to take control: since the individual feels his eyelids glued it leads him to think that he has grown blind. During the sleep paralysis the individual may have a dream he is riding down a winding dangerous highway crowded with trucks and buses; yet he cannot see he imagines he will imminently be doomed to die on the highway. You will understand that although the dramatic events are only happening on an oniric (dream like) scene/state it is real for the experiencer that begins to hyperventilate and may even piss in bed due to the terror. Well the sleep paralysis contributes to that.Sleep paralysis is the portal to the most wonderful psi experiences. It is the threshold to other domains of consciousness. Through this doorway you may access various valid dimensions, you may meet with loved deceased relatives and have complete dialogues with them. You may obtain knowledges from them that can be further on corroborated by real evidences. It all begins with and through the 'doggone' sleep paralysis.Lemme gIve you an example of encounter with deceased people:My aunt Dedé was one of the most contradictory religious person i've ever met. Although having an orthodox christian background to shame the Pope and being sternly dedicated in pursuing 'moral values' she owned a high degree of sensitivity that allowed her see spirits. I still ignore how she could handle this situation. How she could apease the conflict. You know orthodox christianity simply abhors spiritism (supposed communications with the souls who passed on).This aunt would take spiritual counsells on the spiritual life from a Franciscan priest. I once met him personally. He lived in the monastery and my aunt would see him routinely. I was introduced to him as she left the consultant room on a certain occasion. It's been a long time now. Then as she went on taking me along with her to see the priest i began to like his humble manners. I saw goodness in that monk. Somehow i got connected through invisible links to that priest and realized why my aunt trusted him so much. Funny that i was not that catholic at that time. Or a rotten catholic.Well my aunt died in 2011. Her counsellor priest preceded her upon the other dimensions. He died 10 years prior to my aunt's death. 5 years after the psychologist priest death he came over to pay me a 'visit'.I remember pretty well. It is as if it had happened yesterday. I was in sleep paralysis and could see with my eyes closed. I could perfectly well see and sense the priest sitting on my bedside wearing his typical franciscan garments, the smell of fresh roses just collected. And the priest kept on talking to me overnight. Like a balad.His presence was concrete consistent. The priest had physicality one could not tell if he was alive or dead. My head was spinning round i was freaked out while it happened i realized he was alive.In fact it did not bother me the issue at the moment. He would give me advice on the problems i had been through at that occasion. He was coaching me THE NIGHT AWAY! At dawn by 5 am, i woke up 'to my greatest amazement' the monk was no longer there. While it happened i could give my right arm he was alive.While the coaching session lasted over the time span of 4 hours i was admonished and received spiritual advice from a 'dead' priest. My Gosh@ just stressing the weirdness of the situation. That led me to think the priest was making a point, a remark: 'I am not dead, I am different'. Holy smokes!