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    It was in the doona or pillow case was it? That's my guess but for some reason, I'm getting a very cluttered, wooden desk in my head, lol.


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      The SWEDE

      What I am getting is that it is under a brown small table. Looks like a coffee table. The table is against a wall, I think the left side of the room. The energy feels stronger there. I see a window opposite the doorway, letting in sunlight. Whatever you're talking about is under that table.

      Am I correct or not ? I would like to improve my remote viewing abilities anyway.



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        Didn't Jurgen Ziewe in his book "Multidimensional Man" describe, in his experiments with RV, an incident where he told his brother in Germany to leave some sign for him on the bulletin board his brother had in his home, where he marked all of his appointments and whatnot?

        He said he would try and project into his brother's home at a certain time during the week, and then would call him the next day with the message his brother had left on the board. So he tried it a few times, and had some trouble, but finally he managed to view his brother's bulletin board, which he said was cluttered with way too many notes for him to make out which one was intended for him. There was one note that stuck out to him a lot though, it said something like "Thursday, 4:00, bring car to mechanic's," or something like that, I think he mentioned the specific name of the mechanic garage, I'm not sure.

        Anyway, he calls up his brother with the news of what he had seen, to which the brother replied that there was actually nothing on the board except for a single note with the word "Love" written on it. However, the brother also kept an appointment book, in which was written for that week: "Thursday, 4:00, bring car to mechanic's."

        So it seems RV is far more complicated than can be understood. It could be something like the viewer is tuning in to all kinds of things and is picking up on various items and ideas, maybe even reading the subconscious of the people whose location's they're visiting. I have no personal experience, so I don't know.