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closed eye halucinations

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  • closed eye halucinations

    Well Met psi-forum goers,
    Let me preface this post by saying I haven’t posted anything since 2009. Mia-Culpa.
    Im interested in learning more about closed eye hallucinations.
    I’ve read lots of stuff on this particular subject. I’ve spoken to several opthomolgists and they gave me “that look”. I don’t normally share that with people because I know I’ll get “that look”. I’d like to say I’m fairly grounded in reality but I enjoy thinking outside the box. I’d like to know if you have any experience with this particular event. Having read some of the information on other blogs and forums it seems that there are a lot of people that experience this issue but can’t seem to find a root cause. There’s been some speculation from remote viewing to alien abduction.
    I’ll share my personal experience in brief.
    I’m in my early 40’s and ever since I can remember when I close my eyes I see
    I don’t know if that link will work or not but google closed eye hallucinations and check out the images that are described. It’s some form of all that. Fractal, beautiful, swirling patterns that are omnipresent. When i take a back seat to watch the show I see faces and shadows. I dont recognise them and it seems the are unaware of me. Sometimes I see really tall brick walls and I can look around. The problem I am having is, when my eyes are open I have to not want to see the image that is overlaying reality in order to see. How do I stop that? I certainly enjoy the swirly light show when my eyes are closed but when my eyes are open it doesn’t go away.
    Any thoughts?

    Thanks for listening