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New psychic ability or something else?

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  • New psychic ability or something else?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this site and am hoping to you can provide a little clarity or direction about recent events.

    For the sake of a little background - about 8 months ago I had a sort of spiritual awakening. After a brief study of some Toltec material, I had a very sudden and significant shift in perspective. (It was mostly on an intellectual level, but it left me in a state of peace and happiness I had never known before). Since then I've spent a lot of my time actively studying a variety of modalities with a significant focus on meditation and self-inquiry.

    Last week I had a very strong kundalini energy experience during a meditation (which was the first time something like that had happened and it felt very profound and significant). The next day when I sat down to write in my journal, a strange prediction came involving a family member. This has never happened to me before. I am not especially good at writing, I've never done any creative writing, but I've been using a journal to document my thoughts and emotions along the way.

    The "prediction" came from an unusual place of knowing (without thinking). I guess I dismissed it because it scared me a little. Then yesterday, I sat down to write again and this time words started coming to me. These are not words I'm coming up with. They are random - with no seeming connection. Some of them I have trouble making out and I have to concentrate (without thinking) to "get" them. I filled up two pages of these words in my notebook.

    It's not a hearing or seeing - but a knowing of some sort. When I quiet my mind and I limit my sense perceptions I keep getting them. I had another session of words in the early evening and then again today. Sometimes they repeat. Sometimes they all start with the same letter. Sometimes they rhyme. But these aren't sentences or thoughts - just a seemingly random collection of words. It almost feels like a tuning exercise - like I'm being trained in some way to "hear" them better. I'm starting to feel the difference between these words that come, and words that my thinking mind offers. It also seems that I can interact with whatever is offering me these words. I make sarcastic comments (either aloud or in my head) and the words that come in response seem to acknowledge my jokes. Then most of last night the lights in my livingroom (which have never had any issues) flickered several times throughout the evening. I know that flickering lights can indicate the presence of spirits, so I've always been on the lookout for them... but never noticed anything until last night.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any ideas on what to do with these words? I'm not sure if I'm comfortable actually engaging with whomever is sending them yet. Thank you in advance for any thoughts, ideas, responses.