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Lost Psychic Abilities following Chemotherapym

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  • Lost Psychic Abilities following Chemotherapym

    Good Morning!

    My husband has fallen into a depression and we're not sure where to turn. He's been depressed before and has found that talk therapy and group support seem to help more than medication. The problem is that the source of his depression this time is the loss of his contact with the "other side." This is not something he wants to discuss with a therapist because he knows he won't be taken seriously.

    He was diagnosed with a type of leukemia and went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy last year. At least two rounds involved 3 different types of chemo medication. Since then, his ability has gone completely quiet, like he's been disconnected. His leukemia is incurable but treatable and he may have more chemo in the years to come.

    Has anyone experienced a loss of abilities like this?