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  • Voice in my mind

    Ok, brand new here. I have had various psychic type experiences throughout my life. For the past five months I have been doing meditation and energy work on myself. I think it may be awakening more abilities in me.

    Anyway... what I wanted to ask about specifically... has anyone ever heard anything "shouted" into your mind? I was at the end of my meditation in class a couple days ago, and suddenly I heard my husband's name very LOUDLY.

    A little background... my marriage is very much emotionally abusuve. We've been married almost 26 years, but I've only recognized and accepted the problems in our relationship very recently. I am seriously considering divorce. The day before my class, we had had a very negative interaction... he was manipulative and was telling me I was weak. I felt more resolved than ever to end the marriage.

    Well... then I heard this SHOUTING in my head, and I didn't know what it meant. It kinda felt like a reminder that I was still married... but it wasn't until the next day when I realized that it felt like the thought had not come from within me.

    I know that's a lot to absorb... I'm just really confused about what this means. I have an idea, but it's kinda crazy and I don't know if I can believe it...