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what is my psychic qualification?

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  • what is my psychic qualification?

    hello, I am posting this enquiry hoping to receive from the forum some answers to help me to qualify my own psychosensitive state of being, given its psychoenergetic aura and the abilities it bears. It would be long to explain the whole story, therefore I shall try to be synthetic the best I can, first of all I know I am an empathetic psychic, but not of the common kind as mind reader, medium or foreteller etc, I hold a dynamic psychoenergetic aura which has the power to influence the media communications, and interacting with them a special psycholinguistic nuance tied to my spoken language, characterized by a high sibilant pitch. I am aware of some other esp abilities I hold, but I consider them marginal to the matter of my professional concern as I never tried to deepen their psychical relation.
    I have defined these skills following my own rational understanding after years of experience and repeated trials, what I dont have is a confirmation from a third party about the qualifications I have ascribed to my abilities. If any one wants to help me about this task, I am available to fulfill any request for information if the interest is earnest.
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