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Frequently Asked Questions - Please Read Before Posting

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  • Frequently Asked Questions - Please Read Before Posting

    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What is the purpose of the Psychic Support Forum?

      The purpose of this forum is to provide support for people who have psychic experiences and abilities. This means the forum should be a place where psychics can meet other psychics, be accepted without prejudice, and get information and advice on issues relating to being psychic.

      The forum is also intended to provide support and information to family and friends of people who have psychic experiences, and to be a place where anyone who believes in psychic phenomena can ask questions and participate in discussions in a friendly community where belief in paranormal phenomena is accepted.

    2. What is the Psychic Experiences Group?

      The Psychic Experiences Group is a private sub forum associated with the Psychic Support Forum that is hidden from public view. It is for discussions of a personal nature where privacy is desired. You can request membership here. What you post there will only be visible to other members of the group.

    3. Why is the Psychic Support Forum necessary?

      Psychic abilities can cause a wide range of problems in a person's life. A psychic might not know anyone else who is psychic and she may not have read any books on parapsychology, but weird things might be happening and she might not understand why or how she experiences what she does. She may wonder if her experiences are demonic or if she is suffering from mental illness. Her experiences might be frightening her. Her friends and family might be facing many of the same issues she is. She might also be having problems with peers, friends, and family members who do not accept her abilities. All these things can lead her to feel frightened, isolated and abnormal.

    4. Who can participate?

      The forum is intended to provide a supportive community for people who have psychic experiences and their friends and family. However it is not necessary for it to be an exclusive group. Anyone who accepts the reality of psychic abilities, has no prejudice against psychics, and is interested in what it is like to be psychic, or has an interest in developing their psychic abilities can join.

    5. Who should not participate?

      If you don't believe in psychic phenomenon, or do not care to communicate in a polite and respectful fashion, this forum is not for you. Members may be going through emotionally difficult situations and the highest level of civility, tact, and understanding is expected.

    6. What can we talk about in the forum?

      Anything you want. One of the reasons for the forum is that people who have psychic experiences and abilities may feel isolated. It can be hard for some to find people to relax with and just talk about whatever they feel like talking about. So in addition to discussing being psychic, you can talk about anything else you want to talk about too.

    7. What should the forum be like?

      The forum is a gathering place where people who are psychic and people who are interested in psychic phenomenon can get together and talk about whatever they want to talk about. It could be problems at work, or sports, in addition to psychic phenomena. Participants should try to be tolerant and accepting of different beliefs. Most of all, have fun!

    8. Will joining this forum solve all my problems?

      No. Help in learning to control or turn off psychic abilities and learning to prevent psychic experiences is one of the most common support requests. There is information that may be helpful to some, and there are coping strategies, but it is not always possible to control these types of phenomena.

    9. What this forum is not:

      We are not ghost busters. We can't help you with hauntings or possessions. But members of the forum might be able to offer suggestions and a sympathetic ear to allow you to talk about your experiences. Also we are not a psychological clinic, we can offer sympathy but not treatment or diagnoses.

    10. Are there any psychologists on the forum?

      Maybe. I am not a psychologist. If you are joining the forum and you work in a health care related field, such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, doctor or nurse, and you don't mind revealing that information, I would appreciate it if you would either mention it in the forum or in a private message to the moderators. One of the common questions people have is how to distinguish a psychic experience from a pathological symptom. Anyone who has professional training and experience who can help answer that type of question is particularly welcome to the forum.


    The links that were have been moved to the bottom of my post below titled Psychic FAQ.
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    Frequently Asked Psychic Questions

    How can I tell if I'm psychic

    I've created an article to address this question:
    How Can I Tell if I?m Psychic? | The Weiler Psi

    What's it like to be psychic?

    What Is It Like To Be Psychic? | The Weiler Psi

    What are the characteristics of psychic people?

    Characteristics of Psychic People | The Weiler Psi
    This article was made later and is more complete
    Characteristics of Psychic People | The Weiler Psi
    The comment section has a lot of personal stories

    How do I turn it off?

    There doesn't seem to be a way to do this without drugs. You can reduce the stress by learning to stand up for yourself and remembering to take care of yourself before you get to other people.


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      Psychic FAQ

      (This post is still a work in progress. I will be collecting frequently asked questions about psychic phenomena here.)
      1. Help me I'm (or someone I know) is psychic!

        Very often if someone is having psychic experiences and they have very little understanding of the phenomena, they may have feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and fear. Because of their religious upbringing, they may be under the misimpression that it is sinful or demonic. If they thought psychic phenomena were impossible, they may fear that they are going crazy. The remedy for these feelings is knowledge. Learn as much as you can about being psychic and what other people have experienced. When you know more about the kinds of phenomena that can occur and that there are other people who have the same experiences, you will begin to feel more comfortable with psychic experiences. The information in this FAQ and the resources at the end of it can provide you with information that will help you feel more comfortable with psychic phenomena. Reading biographical books by mediums and psychics that tell about their experiences being psychic can be particularly helpful.

      2. What is the evidence that psychic phenomena are genuine?

        The best evidence for the afterlife comes from mediumship, near-death experiences, death-bed visions, apparitions, and children who remember previous lives. More here: Evidence for the afterlife

        There have been many scientific studies proving the ESP is genuine. Clairvoyance, telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, psychokinesis have all been proved. For more information see: Proof of ESP: 1889 - 1997. Beating the Odds at Ten Million Billion Billion to One.

      3. I thought the skeptics said that psychic phenomena don't exist?

        Many people who are skeptical of psychic phenomena are simply ignorant of the evidence. However many people who call themselves "skeptics" are really pseudo-skeptics. These people are simply "true believers" in materialism, which is the belief that the only phenomena that can exist are caused by matter and forces known to science. There are many causes of pseudo-skepticism. This pseudo-skepticism is not based on evidence it is based on faith in materialism. Many skeptics use misleading tactics to spread their beliefs. Pseudo-skeptics say that people who believe in psychic phenomena are ignorant or fooled by charlatans, but it is the pseudo-skeptics who are ignorant, charlatans, or have been fooled by charlatans.

      4. What are some the different types of psychic experiences/abilities

        • Clairvoyance - Seeing something psychically.
        • Clairaudience - Hearing something psychically.
        • Empathy - Feeling the emotions or sensations of another person, or of a spirit.
        • Telepathy - Knowing what another person is thinking.
        • Remote Viewing - Using psychic abilities to obtain information about a distant location.
        • Remote Influence - Influencing another person psychically.
        • Psychokinesis - Moving objects or influencing electrical or electronic equipment paranormally.
        • Perceiving spirits - This can occur in various ways such as seeing them, hearing them, sensing their emotions, or other sensory means. Some people see spirits in their mind's eye (subjectively) other people see spirits as if the spirit was a real person (objectively).
        • Precognition - Knowing something about the future. The most common form of precognition is dreaming about something that happens at a future date.
        • Animal Communication

      5. I am experiencing things moving by themselves, or inexplicable behavior or malfunction of electrical or electronic devices. Is this caused by a spirit or by a living person (psychokinesis, PK)?

        Many of these types of cases are caused unconsciously by a living person, although sometimes it's a spirit. Most of the time (not always) the way to tell is if the phenomenon follows a person around from place to place and only occurs when the person is present, it is probably caused by the person. If the phenomenon occurs in only one location and doesn't depend on the presence of one person then it is more likely a spirit.

        This phenomenon when caused by a person influencing electrical equipment, is sometimes called the Pauli Effect because the Nobel prize winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli could wreck lab equipment just by walking through the door.

      6. Are people who have psychic abilities more advanced spiritually?

        In my experience, a group of psychic people will be like any other group - there will be some very nice people and some not so nice people. Being psychic doesn't mean you are spiritually advanced but it doesn't mean you aren't either. Many spiritually advanced people are not sensitive psychically.

      7. Is communicating with spirits demonic?

        No. Jesus was a medium and a spiritual healer who told his followers to surpass his own works. The prohibition against communicating with spirits comes from a part of the old testament that was superseded when Peter was told to proselytize the Gentiles. For the same reason Christians are not restricted to eating kosher food they are allowed to communicate with spirits. More information here.

      8. Am I going crazy?

        I can't make a diagnose because I am not a psychologist. It might be helpful to consult a psychologist who has experience with psychic phenomena. There is a list of psychologists who are psychic or have experience with psychic phenomena in the Psychic Experiences Group forum. If you are not a memeber of the Psychic Experiences Group, you can request membership. You might also be able to get a recommendation for a psychologist through a Spiritualist church or a professional psychic. Sometimes it is possible to get in contact with psychics who might recommend a psychologist through a New Age book store or gift shop.

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