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Join a Powerful Chant Group (Virtual-Worldwide).

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  • Join a Powerful Chant Group (Virtual-Worldwide).


    I'm looking for group of members here that would like to join a virtual chant group. To chant at the same time weekly or even daily where ever you are.

    When we unite our psychic power it will be not twice, not a hundred times but thousands of times more powerful!
    We'll be so strong we could do anything and distance doesn't matter.

    We'll decide whose problem is pressing at the moment, or who we wish to help. Then agree what chant to use and for how long. I'm thinking we'll change them week to week. After our need is fulfilled we'll move on to the next need.

    We chant for prosperity for the group members and others. An event we wish to happen or influence.
    To help a group of people or individuals. The possibilities are endless!

    Please know that it's not enough to chant for the same thing, we must chant for the same thing, in the same way, at the same time. Just make sure you are not interrupted. It wont be necessary to say them aloud, you can repeat them to yourself or you can read them silently.

    I'll need to work out the time zones before we can get started and eventually may need child threads based on time zones. For Privacy this may move into a private form such as the Psychic Experiences Group as we'll need to know the names and location of individuals we are trying to help.

    PM me if you are interested, let me know where you are located, what you'd like to chant about and send me the chant you'd like to use.

    Please be patient as I work out any details that may arise. All suggestions are welcomed.

    I look forward to meeting you, changing our lives and helping others along the way!