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I am so lost with my abilities..

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  • I am so lost with my abilities..

    Hi all,
    I am in serious need of support and direction. I have, like many people here say, but "special" all my life. I am very sensitive to others emotions to the point where I confused them with my own and am not able to seperate. I tend to know things about people immediately from meeting them regarding their energy and intentions. I cannot be in a room that is too full of people because I feel energy coming from every direction and I am so easily overwhelmed that it takes me over. I am having trouble both dealing with this as well as really believing in myself and believing that I am not completely nuts. Here are some recent experiences I have had that have made things more clear to me that I need some sort of direction or guidance.

    1) I am seeing someone who I am very connected to spiritually who is quite enmeshed with a previous lover. Her previous lover experiences very intense mood episodes. One day I was feeling extremely down for what seemed like no reason and began have thoughts and feelings of loneliness and isolation. I went to this someone and described these feelings...only for her to tell me that she had been having an extensive conversation with her ex-lover for the entire day who was saying these exact same things to her. I knew then that I was feeling her emotions and thoughts. I have had these experiences with her ex lover multiple times and yet we have never met. It is as if the woman I am seeing is a catalyst or something?

    2) I was recently on a day trip in a small town that is very known for its metaphysical community. There are many old shops and antique stores where old furniture and belongings are sold. I feel very very intense when I am there. I went into an antique store and immediately felt strongly that I should walk into a specific room and go toward one specific necklace. I felt as if I was being told to touch this necklace and felt as if someone inside me was giggling about this and thought that it was very humorous..along with a warm energy. I thought maybe this belonging was dear to them and they were happy to have reached out through me.

    3) This is not a specific situation...but I often feel that I am hearing other peoples thoughts. I have sometimes told people that I am spiritually connected to that I am hearing them think of xyz and in fact it is what they are thinking about. I am both shocked and confused by these things and I am not sure if I should further develop them...or what they even are.

    Someone please tell me if I am crazy....or explain to me what is happening?

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    Hello Samantha

    It sounds like you're experiencing clairsentience. I experience this at times as well. You might find the following community helpful: The Empath Community - Are you an Empath?.

    You may find you have these experiences during times of greater stress. You may find good quality minerals, B12 and herbs for adrenal support can be helpful. Some people find baths with a cup baking soda, leaning against trees, physical activity, gardening and a macrobiotic diet can be helpful for grounding if the experience is overwhelming. The experience itself is not a pathology but if it is troubling you these may be things you can try to stay in your body.

    Being an empath can be a difficult experience because you don't feel in control of your own body or experience. If you feel "encouraged" to do certain actions put them through your own filter of common sense first. You need to stay in control of your own actions.

    Being an empath can be extraordinary and precious as an experience. You get a window on other people's experience. Most importantly you learn the most important lesson - that we are all connected.

    Good luck,


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      I found this long ago when someone asked how they could "close down" and not be bothered by psychic impressions and often spirits communications. I don't know if it works on an empath like yourself, but I guess it cant harm.

      Breathe deeply, focus, and visualise a beautiful intense purple third eye on your forehead, see the colour, the eyelashes, really picture it and feel it there.

      Allow your mind to visualise gently closing the eye, see yourself padlocking the eyelid firmly shut and turning a big key in the lock. Place the key in a sturdy box and set it down away from you.

      Imagine walking away from the eye, and the box, closing and bolting a big secure door behind you and the visual scene in your head, then drawing a heavy, dark curtain across the door.

      See yourself, any loved ones present, and your home /place you are in, all sealed in the same white light you are sealed in from the protection you did earlier. Visualise the light travelling to each corner, each door and window sealing in love and protective energies. Place an umbrella or dome of this same white light over the building you are in too.

      You are now closed down.

      Reinforce your grounding roots, smell the earth again.

      Do this whenever you feel the need to – it will strengthen your ability to “switch off” at will.

      Make it unique, and special to you, make it part of your everyday routine. You can add extra components as you see fit, e.g. visualising yourself wrapping a heavy cloak around you, wearing armour, encasing your bubble in armour or mirror to deflect energy even more.

      I also use something I call the “Golden Hand” to quickly rid myself of energy I do not wish to carry, energy that is from others around me or an unpleasant environment I just left. Remember, this energy from other people and places can accumulate and become part of our “baggage” when it was never ours to carry! So it is essential to our spiritual wellbeing to rid as we go and don’t let it accumulate.
      The Golden Hand Technique:

      This can be performed anywhere and is great as a fast “emergency cleanse” measure.

      Sit or stand with feet flat on the ground, barefoot is best if circumstances permit. If you can, close your eyes and focus only on your breathing for a few moments, let everything else fade into the background, listen and feel the breath as it goes in and out… in and out… slow, measured, even breaths, no force or effort, just natural, slow breaths.

      Now visualise a huge flat glittery golden hand, full of golden light glowing from within. It is as wide as you are… really see it floating above the crown of your head, palm down. Gently instruct the hand to move down through your body, much like the plunger in a syringe does, pushing down all the current situation’s negativity, and the day’s crud, and negative feelings and experiences, all the stress and tension down through the body as it goes, slowly continuing down through the legs and feet where finally the crud is released into the earth to disperse and be transformed into positive energy again.

      I use this one quite often too as it doesn’t take long and works nicely in between readings or before an investigation at night.

      Use these techniques every day …and with practice you will be feeling more in control. It takes time, and practice, so be patient and persevere!! It works for hundreds of people all over the world.
      Closing Down ?


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        It's a little bit of a mixture of things you have going on. Empathy for one. Telepathy is another. And possibly some mediumship abilities. Oh and yes clairaudience.

        I know it may seen confusing especially if your thoughts are also have thinking "Am I crazy?" lol. NOOOOOO you're not crazy but it can be over whelming I understand.

        I do have a series for training purposes to develop and become a skilled empath on my website. I am new here and not sure if it is allowed to give out links. You can always message me I guess and I can direct you...however I want to say that empathy is only only small part of what you have going on. Just to focus on empathy and develop that skill will be like learning to crawl but not ever to walk. Maybe that is not such a good example but offer a cute mental picture. lol. I would say start working on becoming a skilled empath while at the same time learning grounding, protection, meditation and some basic chakra work...with the goal of being able to stay fairly clear. Then you can start working on developing those at a time I would say would probably be best and not too over whelming for you. Even if you do not plan to use your abilities to help others and just use them to help yourself and your own spiritual advancement, you would want to develop them to get control. Unskilled just means you have the ability but can't use it purposely and developed/skilled means you have control of it.

        Sherry Andrea